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San Francisco, CA


Overall Rank: 60
Category: Data Management & Analytics
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  • Top Software Company of 2020
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Founded in 2003, San Francisco-based Splunk has become a force of reckoning in data analysis. With Splunk’s core “Data-to-Everything” platform, companies can finally parse their large, machine-generated data and turn it into actionable insight. Real-time visibility, enhanced search/navigation, and advanced analytic reporting are just a few of the highlights of this dynamic tool that makes information clear and useful.

Soon, Splunk users will be able to apply the platform to their Google Cloud infrastructures thanks to a strategic union between the two data giants. The ability to ask questions and receive accurate answers, using current and historical data, is an essential utility in the modern business environment. If data is a prime asset, Splunk allows businesses to see it clearly, and with G-Suite already boasting over 4 million paid subscribers one can expect strong positive results from this partnership.

Led by CEO Doug Merritt, Splunk has generated an enterprise value of over $30 billion with annual revenue surpassing $2 billion, up nearly 50% from the previous year.

Key Products

1. Splunk Cloud – The flexible, secure and cost-effective data platform service

2. Splunk Enterprise – Find out what is happening in your business and take meaningful action quickly

3. Splunk IT Service Intelligence – Predict and prevent with one unified monitoring experience

4. Splunk Insights for AWS Cloud Monitoring – See what’s happening in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployments with end-to-end security, operational and cost-management insights. Get started for less than $2 per hour.

5. Splunk App for Infrastructure – Unify and correlate logs and metrics in one solution. Get comprehensive infrastructure monitoring, alerting and investigation with your Splunk Enterprise and Splunk IT Service Intelligence license.

Key Executives

Alyssa Vertuca – Senior CSM/R Solutions Manager and Former Customer Success Process Engineer

Marva Bailer – Former Strategic Advisor