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Launched in 2008, Stack Overflow has made a name for itself by operating as a question-and-answer website used by software developers and other types of workers such as financial professionals and marketers who increasingly need coding skills. While not necessarily a household name, Stack Overflow is probably one of the most copy-and-pasted sites on the Internet. With headquarters in New York, the company also offers a Jobs section to assist developers in finding their next opportunity. For employers, Stack Overflow provides tools to brand their business, advertise their openings on the site, and source candidates from Stack Overflow’s database of developers who are open to being contacted.

Overall, Stack Overflow attracts 100 million monthly visitors and over 200,000 monthly signups from across the world. More specifically, Stack Overflow has deep engagement within its tech-focused community, with over 85 percent of its learning-focused community visiting the platform every week to access more than 52 million questions and answers. In fact, every 14 seconds, a new question is asked on Stack Overflow. Since its creation, the platform has helped developers and technologists visiting the site more than 50 billion times. In June 2021, Stack Overflow was sold for $1.8 billion to Prosus, one of Europe’s most valuable tech companies.


Key Products

Stack Overflow

This advanced Q&A forum is a hot spot for developers and technologists seeking to gain, share, and aggregate expert knowledge. The wide variety of programming topics means there is a certified answer for nearly every question. As the poster child of the Stack Exchange Network, Overflow has many specific subdivisions, such as Overflow for Teams, and the sub-communities that connect users through shared technology interest within the platform are called Collectives.

Stack Exchange

This offering is an offshoot of Overflow that tackles non-technical Q&A topics such as cooking, biology, media, and more.

Stack Overflow Advertising

Advertisers have access to Stack Overflow’s user base of over 100 million well-educated, highly-trained programming professions through this platform.

Stack Overflow Talent and Jobs

Recruiting within the industry is made easy through this career opportunity and talent-seeking tool. Stack Overflow Talent has tailored solutions for technology team bedding assistance with employer branding

Corporate Responsibility

Charitable Causes

Stack Overflow donated $50,000 to support organizations in their battles to end systemic racism. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Equal Justice Initiative are proud to have the company as a charitable contributor.

Diversity & Inclusion

The company moderates a monthly, hour-long chat exclusively available to all staff to candidly confer on diversity within Stack and in the industry writ large. The discussion is led by 1-3 volunteers, who prompt the session with their own personal experience and anecdotal evidence on racism evaluation.

Stack has installed a multitude of affinity groups ranging from Black to LGBTQ+ representation, and even a faction for neurodiversity. These groups adjourn regularly to produce useful feedback for leadership and plan company-wide initiatives.

The company is proud to administrate modern recruiting and retention practices in order to build a workforce from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, particularly to provide opportunities to those from underrepresented groups.