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When CEO Tiago Paiva founded Talkdesk with Cristina Fonseco his goal was simply to make a difference in the customer support industry. Together, the two Portuguese tech entrepreneurs transformed call-center software with their end-to-end customer success platform. Enterprises can break free from legacy customer service systems that are no longer useful, empowering customer service agents with modern software tools that create positive experiences every time. Customer support-related costs are also decreased thanks to improved productivity and integration with other essential platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Slack, among others.

Talkdesk’s Cloud CX is the first end-to-end contact center platform, offering a comprehensive suite of applications built to elevate customer experiences. Customer engagement empowers the end-user to communicate in their preferred manner, whether through interactive voice response (IVR) systems or one-on-one calls with specialized agents. Employees are engaged with desktop and mobile platforms that include workforce and quality management programs, ensuring the highest quality interactions with every customer. Talkdesk also offers advanced analytics, providing enterprises with insights into improving their overall contact center operations. With Cloud CX, customer service agents can operate from anywhere while guaranteeing the best experience possible for all involved.

The company serves over 1800 global users across 70 countries and has reached unicorn status with annual revenue of $150 million. Since the company’s inception, CEO and co-founder Tiago Paiva has been its driving force, overseeing the workforce as it has grown from ten to nearly a thousand team members. In addition to its San Francisco HQ, Talkdesk operates out of offices in several cities in Portugal, as well as locations in Spain, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

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Key Products

1. Agent Assist – Agent Assist uses AI to empower agents with intelligent guidance, recommending next best actions to quickly resolve complex customer issues

2. Talkdesk CX Cloud – Customers expect more from contact centers today, and legacy systems can’t keep up. Talkdesk CX Cloud™ is a new kind of cloud contact center – an end-to-end solution on a single platform, delivering everything you need to make customer experience your competitive advantage while optimizing operational efficiency and reducing cost.

3. Voice – Connect to your customer with crystal-clear voice quality, unmatched reliability and personalization that reflects your brand.

4. Agent Desktop – Empower your agents to deliver a great customer experience.

5. Live Dashboards – Turn real-time analytics into great customer service performance.

Key Executives

Tiago Paiva – CEO & Founder