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Category: Business Processes
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  • Top Software Company of 2022


Founded in 1983, Tecsys develops and sells end-to-end supply chain management software solutions that equip customers to succeed in a rapidly-changing omnichannel world. With expectations of the digital consumer fundamentally changing how supply chains need to operate, Tecsys is at the forefront of the supply chain management software space. Its products, which power hundreds of successful world-class distribution operations around the globe, focus on aspects such as warehouse management, transportation management, distribution, supply management, retail order management, financial management, along with analytics. The company’s headquarters are located in Montreal, Quebec.

Tecsys, with a current market cap of $680 billion, was included in the TSX30 for 2021, which recognizes the 30 top-performing stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange over the past three years. Looking ahead, its evolution as a SaaS company and its drive to expand the company’s partner ecosystem has Tecsys primed for even more aggressive growth.

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