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Cloud communications company Twilio helps to fill the gaps so often left in traditional modes of communication with its proprietary cloud communications platform as a service (CPaaS). In addition to helping businesses and individuals make calls and send messages using its cloud-based web service APIs, the company has also released open-sourced software such as OpenVBX, which lets businesses configure phone numbers to receive and route calls, and Stashboard, a status dashboard written in Python that displays the functionality of a service.

Apart from its continued acquisition of up-and-coming tech enterprises in its ongoing expansion — Segment and messaging service Zipwhip being two recent examples — Twilio’s participation in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic has set a new standard for corporate engagement. In March of this year, Twilio pledged to power critical Covid communications for more than one billion people, and has worked with over 450 federal, state, and local governments, health services, educational institutions, NGOs, and nonprofits to facilitate safe communication of important health information.


Key Products


While the median email open rate is around 17%, Twilio’s SendGrid enables impressive amounts of email customization to help new brands achieve a much higher percentage. This UI-based marketing accessory optimizes delivery time and provides optimized delivery time and engagement analytics. SendGrid has features for email automation, drag-and-drop templates, HTML editing, and IP address dedication.

Twilio Flex

This cloud contact center platform is a fully programmable solution providing a unified user interface for omnichannel customer interactions across all channels. Flex has real-time tracking of call center metrics and intelligent call routing control, in addition to options for adding remote agents/new channels. Flex’sStudio feature, a task management editing assistance program, brings clarity to employee expectations and task status.

Twilio Frontline

Though still in beta testing, Frontline is an innovative, pre-built application boasting workflow adaptability. The app, available on iOS and Android devices, can integrate with all CRMs and customer databases. With Frontline, users can stick with current SSO identity providers to manage teams and authenticate others while keeping control of communications and contacts with proxied phone numbers for verified privacy.


The Lookup API gives users the tools to investigate phone number information in order to reduce undeliverable messages, resolve caller names, and identify local-friendly number configurations. The interface improves lead conversion and drives message delivery programmatically.

Corporate Responsibility

Environmental Impact

Twilio’s first year of full carbon footprint transparency was in 2019, showing a result of 17,427.95 tCO2e, measured in units of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e). Water usage in Twilio locations amounted to 600,000 gallons. The company plans to use these baseline metrics as a starting point for an ambitious emission reduction campaign in future years.

2020 saw Twilio refine its shared company policies on human rights and business ethics, and update its Acceptable Use Policy for all products to ensure responsible implementation for clients.

Charitable Causes

Twilio jumped into COVID-19 relief efforts by donating $1 million to rapid response efforts and $2.9 million to increased-demand crisis lines via the Impact Fund, as well as powering 28 contact tracing initiatives which supported roughly half of the U.S. population. The company has also facilitated more than 1 billion telemedicine video minutes throughout the pandemic.

The site introduced WePledge 1% program, which encourages employees to commit 1% of their time, income, or equity to social impact causes. Zoom, Atlassian, and Okta have been recent additions to WePledge 1%.

The company recently reported 7,871 volunteer hours and $1.1 million donated in employee contributions and matching.

Diversity & Inclusion

Twilio pledged to be an anti-racist organization last year, with the mandate permeating to all levels of products, resources, employees, and clients.

In the U.S. the company’s female employee base has risen 6 points since 2019 to reach 38.7%. Black employees have gained 2 points in representation at 5.5%, and Latinx staffers have seen a 6.5% increase.