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Founded in 2011, WalkMe provides a service that solves a basic problem in tech: how do I do this? As technology evolves and advances rapidly, everyday users may find it frustrating trying to learn new platforms on their own. Thanks to San Francisco-based company’s Digital Adoption Platform, anyone can navigate and operate tech services without being a pro. The DAP deploys overlaid bubbles to provide context-driven assistance in learning software, websites, and apps alike. It addresses a clear need for bridging the gap between users and their tech utilities.

This hand-lending approach to user-friendliness has led WalkMe to become a bonafide unicorn with an ARR over $100 million, and the company is still showing signs of growth. Last year, the company landed $90 million in Series G funding, which will drive market expansion into areas including Latin America. WalkMe already serves 30 percent of Fortune 500 companies, counting over 2000 customers as of 2020.

WalkMe is led by CEO and Co-Founder Dan Adika, who believes in the power of complaining. By seeking out negative user experiences and improving platform capabilities, Adika is seeking a future where “software will adapt to humans.”

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Key Products

1. WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) – For every new feature, new process and new platform, the burden of learning the system falls on the user. WalkMe shifts that burden to the DAP freeing the user to use technology faster and more efficiently.