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WhereScape Data Automation software accelerates the design, build, and documentation of complex data ecosystems and allows for fast, iterative collaboration with the business. It orchestrates disparate data sources across any platform to produce accurate reporting in minutes, not weeks.

With data increasing in volume and complexity, and businesses striving to become data-driven, agile data management is now a must for digital business. WhereScape data warehouse automation software enables developers to be many times more productive by generating data prototypes and thousands of lines of code using templates and a drag-and-drop GUI instead of manual coding.

WhereScape helps organizations of all sizes use automation technology to design, develop, deploy, and operate data infrastructure faster. Its approach enables Agile methodologies by automating repetitive manual tasks, freeing staff up to focus on higher value tasks and collaboration with the business on strategy and goal delivery. WhereScape also helps companies to migrate to the cloud faster and create sustainable architectures that are not locked in to any one vendor or modelling approach.

Every WhereScape customer—including the likes of Boots, VW, Toyota Financial Services, Admiral Group, Legal & General, and Vodafone—reports clear, measurable benefits from the adoption of its technology.

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Key Products

WhereScape 3D models design and prototype data architectures with automation to fast-track delivery while reducing cost and risk. This allows IT to quickly spin up models for verification with the business before they build, resulting in close collaboration and shorter iterations.

WhereScape RED builds, documents and manages data architectures via a drag-and-drop GUI. It commits changes to the underlying database by automatically generating thousands of lines of SQL code in seconds, enabling one developer to do the job of ten. Project builds and changes are managed by developers but committed with automation in a fraction of the time versus hand-coding. The result is data warehouses that just work, fuelling data-driven business decisions.

WhereScape Data Vault Express makes Data Vault 2.0 implementations quicker and safer whilst shortening the learning curve for data teams. Automation is simply essential for Data Vault projects given the complexity involved in building and maintenance. It uses tried-and-tested templates that follow industry best practices to ensure implementations are successful, while automation manages intricate dependencies that build up over time.

Corporate Responsibility

Wherescape is committed to creating a safe, sustainable, and inclusive environment for everyone involved. 

The company is committed to implementing sustainable business practices in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. WhereScape understands the importance of conserving natural resources. Its comprehensive approach to sustainability initiatives ensures that every Company Employee is empowered to make a difference.

Recycle – WhereScape seeks to minimize the generation of waste by encouraging recycling and selecting recycled or recyclable products and materials when possible for use in its facilities.

Conserve – WhereScape works to reduce its use of energy by turning off lights and equipment throughout its office after hours and promote water conservation by equipping its office with efficient water fixtures.

Reduce – WhereScape uses electronic methods to distribute software and documentation to reduce its consumption of material resources. Also, it employs online communication tools to limit the number of road and air miles it creates.

It is important to have a diverse team and an inclusive workplace, and diversity of opinion, background, and culture makes the company a more creative, innovative organisation. To that end, employment decisions like hiring, firing, and promoting are never based on legally protected personal characteristics. While these characteristics may vary by local law, they generally include: race, color, religion, sex, national origin or ancestry, age, medical condition or disability, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Instead, the company offers equal opportunities based on skills and aptitude.

Customer Insights

“Automation enables us to quickly change the approach if we need to. In the past it took a long time to unwind a development, refactor and move to another approach. With WhereScape it is much simpler and quicker. It really helps to test out multiple iterations in a short time. We now onboard new applications in a week, which is 5x faster than before WhereScape.” – Daniel Seymore, Head of BI, Investec.


“WhereScape is majorly different from a classic ETL tool. You need to switch your mindset to understand what you’re looking for. I have multiple countries doing the same process over and over again, so is there a way of automating it where you can streamline it to do the development once, then reapply it for every country in the same way? This is where WhereScape comes into play.” – Carsten Griefnow, Senior BI Manager, Toyota Financial Services.


“Wherescape is helping us to accelerate our progress by automating the bulk of the coding effort for our data warehouse. We are able to achieve an approximately 5x increase in productivity which allows us more time to focus on data quality and design.” – Jason Stevens, Data Warehouse Manager, believe housing.


“Now I can actually go on vacation and I don’t have to read my emails. I don’t have to get up at six in the morning, because WhereScape does it for me.” – Torgil Hellman, Chief Architect, Atea.


“Adding a column or a dimension used to take five to ten steps using different tools. Now it takes just two minutes, using WhereScape’s drag-and-drop GUI and letting automation regenerate the code and commit the required changes. There is also no chance of human error.” – Olivier Franssen, Software Development Expert, IQVIA.