Human Capital Management
Pleasanton, CA


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Category: HR Processes
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When human resource management system (HRMS) PeopleSoft was acquired by Oracle in 2004, David Duffield and Aneel Bhusri decided it was time for them to break the chains of physical servers and put their energies into a cloud-based future. The fruit of their collaboration is Workday, a powerhouse in subscription-based enterprise software. As of 2020, their platform has been adopted by industry giants such as HubSpot, Netflix, and Quicken Loans, and high customer satisfaction is driving their expansion even further.

Headquartered in the San Francisco suburb of Pleasanton, California, Workday’s platform unifies Human Capital and Financial Management systems into a modern interface, granting businesses greater control over their most valuable assets. Human resources and payroll are integrally intertwined, and Workday ensures that those systems work together to any company’s benefit. As enterprise resource planning (ERP) continues to be a driving factor in growth, the platform promotes efficiency and increases agility, allowing companies to constantly stay ahead of the pack.

Since its founding, Workday has become one of the largest publicly-traded SaaS companies in the world and is currently growing toward an ARR of $1 billion per quarter. Co-founder and CEO Bhusri brings two decades of experience at the forefront of enterprise software and is committed to easing the pains of moving infrastructures from legacy systems into the ever-expanding cloud. With Bhusri and Duffield still leading the way forward, Workday is soon to become the dominant player in HR software.

Key Products

1. Financial Management - Focus less on transaction processing and more on taking action. With automated financial management processes and deeper insights in Workday, you can do just that.

2. Human Capital Management - Your workforce, how and where people work, even the skills you need continue to shift. So how do you adapt to what the future brings? Meet Workday Human Capital Management (HCM).

3. Enterprise Planning - Today, one plan isn’t enough. That’s why our business planning software empowers organizations to plan for every scenario and adapt quickly to change.

4. Spend Management - Workday provides a complete set of cloud spend management solutions that help you streamline operations and control indirect spend.

5. Talent Management - Attract, retain, and develop a workforce that’s ready for what’s next. With Workday, you can apply a skills-based lens to optimize talent so your people are equipped to meet evolving business demands.