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Workfront’s project management software helps companies develop web-based management strategies for issue tracking, document management, work management, time tracking, and portfolio management. Workfront currently employs 670 workers and has 4,000 customers across the U.S., Europe, Middle East, and Africa, including 58 of the Fortune 100. Customers include Comcast, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Cisco Systems, National Geographic, and

In June, Workfront announced it would be working with Stensul, an email creation platform, to connect and automate email workflow. The company also announced David Burggraaf as its new Chief Technology Officer. Burggraaf brings 30 years of global enterprise tech experience to the company, including 15 years of senior leadership. He will oversee operations, security, IT, and product engineering as the company continues to grow. Workfront’s inaugural annual conference debuted at the end of June; it was a great success that drew more than 10,000 enterprise leaders together in a virtual event.

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Key Products

1. Enterprise work management – With Workfront’s work management platform, you can connect strategy to work, integrate your tech stack, and facilitate digital collaboration—all in a single, scalable solution.

2. Workfront Align – Workfront Align connects strategy, goals, and work to drive execution across the organization and deliver measurable business outcomes.

3. Scenario Planner – Workfront Scenario Planner simplifies the process of continuous planning.

4. Workfront Fusion – Workfront Fusion is a powerful, code-free, integration platform that lets work flow freely across systems and teams.

5. Native Integrations – From Microsoft Office to Salesforce and more, Workfront’s native integrations will keep teams connected and focused on the right work by ensuring work stays in sync across your key enterprise applications and systems.