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Formerly known as AdventNet, India- and California-based CRM company Zoho is giving the bigger tech players like Google a run for their money when it comes to enterprise workflow and human resources solutions. With its distinctive CRM platform, Zoho puts together sales, marketing, inventory management, and human resources into one convenient, cloud-based solution while integrating seamlessly with its competitor G Suite to boost enterprise intelligence and communication.

Founded in 1996, Zoho has exploded over the past two decades, currently claiming more than 60 million satisfied customers. Zoho has led the charge in enabling a swift corporate response to the pandemic and subsequent work-from-home revolution, offering free subscriptions to its platform to its millions of SMB and enterprise clients. Zoho has weathered other crises that have felled many of its competitors since its formation, and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. And with its strategic focus on its philosophy of transnational localism in the wake of the pandemic recovery process, Zoho is well positioned to see continued success and growth.

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Key Products

Zoho One

This unified, integrated system brings together a business’ multiple activities into a better-connected and streamlined model with optimal organization. Users can leverage the power of Zoho One to boost productivity and improve the customer experience. Though businesses often operate with a patchwork of legacy tools and cloud applications, many don’t realize systems such as this exist to uncomplicate matters. The Zoho One suite has more than 45 applications tailored to help whittle down business concerns.

Zoho People

Fitting neatly into the complete suite of Zoho business solutions, Zoho People is an intuitive HR software application. Users can manage employee data from a centralized digital location.

HR matters such as timesheets, employee leaves, and performance appraisal are made easy with the wide range of offerings within this application. Zoho People also has built-in HR documentation and is available on the go with a mobile version.

Zoho Books

This solution is perfect for handling the various financial particulars of a business. It can skillfully handle all bills, banking, invoices, inventory, and mobile accounting needs without much fuss on the user end. Designed primarily for SMB owners functioning as their own accounting department, Zoho Books is an organization must-have. The application can effortlessly create, share, and send professionally-used financial forms within seconds.

Zoho Inventory

An inventory management software that has gained tremendous popularity among startup online stores and SMBs, Zoho Inventory gives businesses smart process automation for a better understanding of their inventory. Size doesn’t matter for this software; baked-in shipping services and cloud retailers will be ready to cooperate at any scale due to the mutual inventory clarity. This system features end-to-end tracking and tracking for mobile devices in the iOS and Android catalogue.

Zoho CRM

This award-winning customer relation management platform has grown to become a worldwide phenomenon. Featuring a user-friendly dashboard, Zoho CRM has impressed businesses with expansive solutions for lead, sales, and contact management. This solution can give users insights on transforming site traffic into prospects and leads. Moreover, Zoho CRM provides customer account management and revenue projection tools.

Corporate Responsibility

COVID-19 Response

Zoho readily contributed resources to help communities hit badly by COVID-19. The company launched a series of applications meant to ease the burden on particular sectors. For education, Zoho Classes was introduced to provide a ready-to-go avenue for the home learning transitions of India’s children and teachers. A government-targeted app called Zoho Meeting brought a more-efficient communication channel to officials for better government collaboration and public announcement metrics. The business world was not hung out to dry; Zoho Remotely, a suite of 11 business apps, maintained continuity and kept the lights on for many organizations.

The Zoho Schools of Learning program seeks out talented high schoolers and trains them for a future in the technology business. More than 15% of Zoho’s engineers, many coming from impoverished backgrounds, got their start from this program.

Charitable Causes

The company has deep ties to the charity community in India, and donated Rs 5 crore to the Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund to benefit COVID-ravaged Tamil Nadu. Zoho also arranged the provision of oxygen, beds, and medical equipment worth Rs 13 crore for hospitals in the state. An isolation care facility was established at its Estancia facility for employees and their families.

Participating in the community kitchen initiative, Zoho serves up to 30,000 meals a day in Chennai, Kancheepuram, Chengalpet, and other areas.

Zoho designed the Zoho Creator platform to simplify programming and infrastructure for nonprofit organizations. A minimal-code, cloud-based platform, it lets users construct personalized applications or pick from a variety of preset applications. The platform includes prerequisite tools for nonprofit operations such as donor and event management and a volunteer portal. Eligible organizations can receive a 50% discount on the annual payment plan for up to five users.