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Category: Data Management & Analytics
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  • Top Software Company of 2020


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The subscription-based SaaS company was established in 2000, and currently maintains and sells access to a database of information about individuals and companies. They are an integrated cloud-based platform that sells information to marketers to help them find more customers. The company uses machine learning and AI to derive data from millions of online resources, updating all of its data in real-time.

ZoomInfo debuted on NASDAQ earlier this month, soaring more than 60% on its first day, a stark contrast to the plummeting shares that many corporations have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic downturn did not seem to have an effect on ZoomInfo, as its stock went from $21 to $34 in just a few hours. By day’s end, the company was valued at about $13.4 billion.

ZoomInfo’s IPO turned out to be the Greater Portland Area’s largest ever. The company is only out-valued by one other business in the area: Nike. Their office only employs 560 workers but is sure to have a positive influence on the surrounding economy, proving it’s a viable area for startups to succeed.

Key Products

1. Real-time Sales Intelligence – Get the latest market intelligence about what’s happening in the accounts you’re trying to reach.

2. ZoomInfo FormComplete – The days of lengthy website forms are over. Thanks to ZoomInfo FormComplete you can shorten your forms and increase conversion rates.

3. Enterprise – From Sales to Marketing, build custom solutions to support workflows, improve targeting, and accelerate sales.