Alon Leibovich
Founder & CEO



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  1. Alon has natural leadership characteristics leading him to successfully raise $20M in total funding for BrandTotal, as well as launching the company internationally. With clients around the globe in sectors such as Telecom, Beauty, Automotive, CPG, QSR, and several D2C challenger brands, Alon leverages his previous experience as a marketing strategist and his solid understanding of organizational psychology to empower Fortune 500 and innovative challenger brands to break through in the social landscape with competitive social advertising intelligence, benchmarks, and measurement of social advertising and creative performance effectiveness. Alon’s drive is fueled by determination and precision to succeed both personally and professionally and to create a seamless experience for brands and their agencies to maximize their marketing budgets in the most impactful ways. Alon’s experience enables him to have a unique outlook on the tech landscape, being able to identify areas in need of innovation and the ability to execute strategy to develop tools that will power the next generation of SaaS. Alon welcomes and encourages open communication and collaboration between departments to ensure everyone’s ideas are heard and utilized. Bringing a differing philosophy when it comes to work culture and work life balance from Israel to the US, Alon promotes a more laid-back environment than the typical “work hard, play hard” mentality of US companies. Additionally, Alon is a member and contributor in the Forbes Business Council and his comments have been featured in a number of industry lauded publications such as MarTech Today, MediaPost, Politico, Protocol, Business Insider, and more.

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