Amanda Kelly
Director of Customer Marketing



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Amanda Kelly began her professional career 10 years ago. Today, she is the Director of Customer Marketing of YouVisit, a part of EAB. ouVisit’s platform enables brands and organizations to engage and convert audiences with interactive 360° experiences.

Kelly first got her start in 2011 as an account executive at New World Sales.

Kelly graduated from The University of Connecticut with an undergraduate degree.



  1. Accountability/Building Relationships & Collaboration. Amanda is exceptionally personally accountable and keeps track of many moving parts with dependencies on a multitude of other stakeholders (Studios, Product, Partner Success, Marketing, Sales). Even more impressive however is her broader project management and ability to keep other teams at various seniority levels accountable while maintaining strong relationships in the meantime. Her proactive approach, practical but relational communication, and ability to manage complex projects with multiple deadlines have kept the YouVisit virtual tour product development and GTM strategy on track in the midst of extensive capacity challenges and turnover on our Product team. • Adaptability / Decision Making / Solving Problems We often encounter complex GTM prioritization decisions, and Amanda is frequently the catalyst to moving forward by outlining clear options/tradeoffs from both the partner and internal EAB perspective and providing a strong recommendation. We are more efficient and effective as a business due to her decision-making ability and her ability to equip senior leaders with the information we need to make well-informed decisions. Additionally she has leveraged her deep knowledge of the product itself and relationships across Product, Studios, Development, and Partner Success to minimize partner impact and therefore significantly reduce float risk as a result of product issues. • Communication o The “YouVisit voice” prior to the acquisition was much more informal and colloquial than EAB. Amanda has had to rapidly adapt to how EAB positions products and partner communication across all EAB segments– all while ensuring we don’t alienate historical YouVisit partners and engage them in broader EAB. This has meant everything from formal presentations (Agency Charter Roundtable, YouVisit Enhancement Webinars), to difficult messages from leadership, to targeted enhancement activation, to upsell demand generation, to PSM transition emails and much more. She plans ahead to ensure there is plenty of time for all stakeholders to provide feedback as needed, and the ultimate result has been an authentic mix of YouVisit/EAB that works really well for us. o Knowledge Management – Amanda has embraced centralizing resources (Wiki/Box/Slack) to ensure that she hardwires messages with the right stakeholders and they can learn to self-serve. This has driven major scale improvements for the Partner Success, Studios, and Product teams. She has also partnered across divisions (with Technology) to launch the YouVisit Partner Support Team in H2 FY21 and lay the foundation for the YouVisit Help Center which will centralize resources for partners in FY22. Her approach is not just communication but rather scaled, sustainable communication – which has been instrumental to the success of a small but mighty team that serve ~120 partners/each. o Creatively Leveraging Systems/Experts – Amanda doesn’t hesitate to learn best practices from anyone at EAB she can find to improve our ability to communicate at scale. That has meant deeply learning Marketo/Drift/Salesforce and combining them in creative ways to do something completely innovative. The Quarterly Refresh Process, CIF Activation, the AAP activation cadence we’ve now launched to 300+ partners in 6 waves – these are all examples of how Amanda has collaborated with other departments on process/technology and pushed the boundaries of how we communicate internally and externally to scale the team far beyond what we could have accomplished on our own.

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