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Aneta embodies the essence of 500px, with background and experience that ideally position her to lead the company. She’s a photographer with the heart of a creative, and has the business smarts to ensure we stay true to our vision.

“What I love about 500px is that we’re a true community that serves passionate photographers across all stages of their artistic and commercial journey,” said Aneta. “Whether you’re a new photographer looking for inspiration, or one of our more experienced creatives trying to monetize your work or skills, I see 500px as the premier place to be. We’re here to support you and help you grow.”

Since 2015, Aneta has held several key leadership roles within the company. In her role as VP of Strategic Development, she managed key strategic partnerships and oversaw all aspects of the business focused on providing community members with ways to monetize their work and skills. Aneta holds degrees in both mathematics and psychology, as well as an MBA. Prior to joining 500px, she worked in management consulting and financial services.



  1. In her 2.5 years as CEO, Aneta has taken the company to places past leaders could have only dreamed of. She is extremely knowledgable about running a business, and when she is unsure about technical things, she asks for the support of those around her. She empowers everyone in the company to own their respective areas of the business, while providing a clear and consistent vision for what 500px is and could be. Not only is she planning for the future and is laser focused on our mission, she is on the ground, working along side everyone in the company, getting her hands dirty, which creates a strong sense of camaraderie within the team. She clearly believes in embracing the creativity of those around her, and it makes our company better and stronger.

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  2. Transparency, Trust, Consistency

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