Angelique Brown
Bavard AI



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Angelique Brown is a Co-Founder of Bavard AI. Bavard AI is a platform for building and deploying chatbots. Using NLP and machine learning, they are developing intelligent virtual assistants that can help you better engage with customers in whatever industry. Brown has 1 year in the computer software industry. She began her career in 2020.

Brown graduated from Portland State University with an MBA and from Butler University with an undergraduate degree in international and global studies.



  1. Angelique is the youngest CEO I’ve worked for. At 25, she is still learning the ins and outs of management and SaaS strategy, but every day she exemplifies humility and a willingness to grow and improve. I am relatively new to the team, but she immediately made sure that I felt included. She showed me the ways in which I could most contribute to the company, and celebrated my successes immediately. I’d say her key strengths revolve around an ability to listen intently, offer her opinion when it brings the most value, and let us be autonomous but supported in our work.

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