Anna Baird
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Revenue Officer



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As Outreach’s COO and CRO, Anna leads all business and revenue operations including Sales, Customer Success, Services, Support, Finance, IT, and Legal. With a wealth of experience in finance and executive leadership, she specializes in accelerating high growth companies and has led startups through significant fundraising events. Prior to Outreach, she served as CFO of Livongo, Senior Vice President at McAfee, and Partner at KPMG. There she was the Global Lead Partner on several premier technology companies, including Google and Intuit. Anna is a CPA and is Six Sigma Green Belt certified. When she’s not crushing it in the C-suite, Anna loves to travel. She has checked off a few bucket list items, including standing at the edge of Victoria Falls in Africa, scuba diving in Fiji and skydiving in Hawaii, but she asserts she is just getting started.



  1. Anna is passionate about diversity and inclusion, and she has done an extensive amount of impactful work with women at Outreach to ensure they feel supported. In addition to being an active member in OWN (Outreach Women’s Network) and attending and speaking at Gals in Sals events, Anna takes it upon herself to personally connect with women throughout our sales organization. Anna frequently hosts dinners and happy hours with small groups of female sales colleagues to hear what is going well and what needs to be improved. For example, Anna learned in conversations that women felt like they were being excluded because they didn’t like giving their colleagues a “fist bump.” She championed a small behavioral change amongst the sales team that made all team members feel included. These small insights may not have surfaced if it were not for Anna taking the time to connect with people in such a personal way. Anna’s approach has generated greater visibility for our female sales leaders, which has led to new promotions and initiatives that have benefited many careers and our organization. Anna leads her team with a model of transparency. She discusses one-on-one with her team burnout, diversity of sales and other topics that weigh a mental toll. Through her weekly LinkedIn posts, Anna gives a shout-out to various employees to know that they are what makes Outreach, Outreach. Every team member, from junior level to director level, is just as vital to the organization and Anna makes that known.

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  2. Anna is smart and approachable. She leads her team with empathy. During the past nearly two years, she has focused on not only her team’s performance, but their mental well being, rolling out initiatives such as a mandatory monthly “rest” day and requiring her team to take a lunch break and blocking breaks on their calendars. Under her tenure, the team significantly expanded when a lot of revenue orgs didn’t and exceeded their financial goals.

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  3. Anna has literally come to Outreach and hit the ground running. She brings a strong presence to every meeting and room she enters, and has no problem challenging our CEO when he is wrong, or jumping to a decision. Anna will be key in our future growth.

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  4. She speaks to you like a human and knows exactly what she is looking for. Great Executive, natural leader

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