Aundreia Heisey
RVP, Financial Services Product Strategy



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Aundreia Heisey is Regional Vice President, Customer Success Segment Lead for Seismic, a leading provider of sales and marketing enablement solutions. Global enterprises such as IBM, American Express, PayPal, and Quest Diagnostics leverage Seismic’s software to increase win rates, larger deals and higher customer retention. Aundreia joined the company just over three years ago and since then has had tremendous and swift impact in driving new client growth. For example, she began leading a specialist team in early 2018 to focus on the mid-market asset management space and in a short period has seen a 115% increase of customers in that portfolio.

Recognizing her exceptional capabilities, Seismic has promoted Aundreia three times in three years to increasingly more senior positions. Prior to Seismic, she held senior roles at AB, Citi, and W.P. Stewart. Aundreia began her career in financial services focused marketing as a marketing associate with Robeco Investment Management. She earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Pace University.



  1. Originally bootstrapped by its founders, today, Seismic is an international Unicorn with more than 550 employees and 600 enterprise customers around the world. This has turned Seismic into the recognized leader of one of the hottest sales and marketing technology industries in sales enablement automation. Seismic’s growth has been astounding, all while the sales enablement industry has matured into what Forrester calls a “cornerstone practice” in 21st century sales and marketing. A major piece of this growth and success can be attributed to Seismic’s inroads in financial services, with over 240 financial services firms as Seismic customers. With Seismic, financial services firms can enable their client-facing teams with content on any device that is always compliant, allowing these teams to spend more time developing and nurturing relationships. Seismic’s impact is particularly notable in asset management, where it enjoys a footprint of over 180 customers, including 17 of the top 25 asset management firms by Assets Under Management (AUM). Seismic customers such as Brinker Capital, Manulife, and Guggenheim Investments have been honored with industry awards like Gramercy Awards and IMEA Star Awards for their work with Seismic. As Seismic continues to grow and succeed, RVP of Customer Success Aundreia Heisey has made a truly impressive impact on how Seismic serves its asset management customers. By leaning on her prior industry experience, Aundreia has influenced Seismic’s financial services strategy across departments, with go-to-market teams, customer success, and now product, all being positively impacted by her work. Aundreia took a roundabout path to the SaaS world. Before joining Seismic, Aundreia worked in financial services for industry leaders such as Citi and AllianceBernstein. After being introduced to Seismic in early 2016, she was immediately excited by the potential she saw in the product. Aundreia joined the Seismic team in May 2016 and has continued to draw on her unique experience to greatly enhance how Seismic has been able to serve its financial services customers. Aundreia started in product marketing at Seismic, the first step in her path to adding credibility to how Seismic was viewed in the financial services industry. By translating general go-to-market strategies and making them hyper-relevant for financial services audiences, Aundreia allowed Seismic to demonstrate its strong commitment to helping financial services customers realize value. She was also key in leading a realignment of the entire product marketing team, enabling a more segmented approach that would lead to key successes. Aundreia also took on the role of managing financial services alliances starting in January 2017, gaining credibility for Seismic through strategic partnerships. As the customer base continued to grow in financial services, Aundreia was promoted to Seismic’s customer success team in early 2018. Based on her background and expertise on the specific use cases in play as well as the broader asset management landscape, she was entrusted to lead a new team focused exclusively on mid-market asset managers. Seismic’s mid-market asset management specialist team launched in January 2018 with 35 customers and, over the last year and a half, has grown to over 80 customers across North America and Europe. At the end of 2018, Aundreia shifted her focus to developing industry-specific product solutions designed to solve the most pressing issues for asset management organizations and help customers realize value from the Seismic platform faster than ever before. This is most evident in her recent project, Seismic Surge. The asset management industry routinely goes through the “quarter-end crisis”– spending weeks on end updating a variety of data-intensive marketing and client service materials. Seismic automates that process with its award-winning LiveDocs® technology, allowing customers like Brown Advisory to save 50% of the time per quarter previously spent on updating materials. But while the Seismic platform allows for immense flexibility in creating customized document templates and pulling from multiple data sources, the implementation process had the potential to be daunting for smaller or resource-constrained firms. To ensure that all customers had the opportunity to realize the value of the Seismic platform as quickly as possible, Aundreia led the charge on creating Seismic Surge, a solution specifically designed to deliver out-of-the-box data automation. Instead of having to start from scratch, Seismic Surge gets asset management customers up and running with data and content automation in 12 weeks or less, representing a 65% decrease in time to value for new asset management accounts. By combining her industry expertise with her knowledge of the capabilities of Seismic, Aundreia worked across teams to deliver significantly reduced time to value for customers. This program, now up and running in a pilot phase, has been so successful that Aundreia was promoted to her current RVP title just this month. Since joining Seismic, Aundreia has had an incredible impact on Seismic and its financial services customers. Seismic would not be the international Unicorn and industry leader that it is today without Aundreia’s contributions to the way Seismic serves its customers. Much of Seismic’s growth in the asset management field can be traced directly to Aundreia’s efforts across sales and marketing, customer success, and product. As Seismic Surge continues to gain momentum, Aundreia’s contributions will continue to provide incredible value to the company, and most importantly, its customers.

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