Birgit Thumecke
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder



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As Chief Executive Officer, Birgit is part of Eventerprise’s executive team and responsible for a broad portfolio that includes corporate affairs, finance and operations, and global talent acquisition. Her twenty-plus years in executive and operational management roles within the global airline industry adds substantial business leadership and customer experience insight to the Eventerprise management team.



  1. – Drive: the energy she brings to the table is very tangible and contagious. She sees the end goal and works tirelessly to see it to fruition no-matter how hard the road to completion is. – Assertive: knows what she wants and translates that well to the team – Altruistic: she is a very warm and selfless individual, brings the team together – Reliable: she never backs down and always determined to see things through, the team can always count on her to deliver – Charismatic: she can easily capture an audience, and pick up on the mood in the room very quickly and adjust to that while still making sure she is true to herself

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  2. An experienced entrepreneur who excels as a strategist, and leader. A power house at scaling business, analytical and with the extra dimmension as a campaigner for customer success. She promotes exponential growth where it matters.

    Senior-level professional, submitted on

  3. Leadership, Gravitas, Inquisitive, Creative, Fearless, Stamina

    Senior-level professional, submitted on

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