Camila Franklin
Chief Operations Officer



  • Top Women Leaders 2020


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Camila joined AdColony in 2020 as Chief Operations Officer. AdColony is a mobile video ad network offering full-screen quality video ads through its Instant-Play™ technology for brands and apps.

Previously, she was a Sr. Director, Client Services at Moovweb and before that a Senior Systems Engineer at Antenna Software. Earlier in her career she worked with Wiz Technologies as a Project Manager / Developer.

She graduated from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro with an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering.



  1. Camila is a true leader, and leads by example. She is exceptionally inclusive and it is obvious how much she values the people she works with regardless of title or position. Camila fosters a genuine team mentality; she is there for her team and they are there for her. Many people who work for Camila have been with AdColony for 5+ years, which speaks not only to the community she has developed, but also to her leadership and guidance. Camila’s ability to remain calm under pressure inspires her team to not see obstacles, only opportunities. She faces roadblocks headon, drawing upon her resources and meticulous planning to find actionable solutions. Our year on year growth for the AdColony Open Exchange has been 133% in Q2 2020 under Camila, which is not only remarkable in its own right, but even more spectacular in the current world.

    Senior Level Professional, submitted on

  2. There are lots of people who can strategically plan, but not all of them (many of them) can lead the execution of those plans. Many people who can execute plans are not the same people who can come up with the plans. Camila has the uncanny ability to do both, which makes her as valuable as two employees in one. And what makes her capable of leading by example is not only her work ethic, but her extreme relatability and how she can motivate individuals to do their best work in a way that helps them understand how their personal contributions are providing value to the whole which makes them personally invested in the successful outcome.

    Mid Level Professional, submitted on

  3. With over 15 years of experience in leading engineering, operations and client-facing teams within mobile, Camila Franklin has been a significant part of AdColony’s growth. Over the past five years, Camila has brought her expertise to guide AdColony’s global programmatic product and engineering efforts. Camila is able to see others’ perspectives. She is open to others’ points of view. She always tries to understand the big picture and other points of view. She is a trusted advisor to many. Her colleagues continue to share their ideas and strategy with her.

    Staff, submitted on

  4. Within AdColony, Camila is always the go to advisor for her colleagues. Her ability to see outside perspectives helps the team understand the big picture which in turn results in very successful work. She inspires others to be open to other opinions and to follow AdColony’s company value, “Do the right thing”. Camila strongly believes in the power of teamwork and is always open to others viewpoints to ensure the good of the group is prioritized over personal gain.

    Senior Level Professional, submitted on

  5. Camila is a hands on leader, always encouraging her team to push harder, continue to learn, and think out of the box. She is inspired by those she mentors and believes everyone has an instrumental role in AdColony’s success, no matter experience level. She brings her strategic, data driven expertise to each and every team member to help them focus on details, and develop top of the line solutions.

    Senior Level Professional, submitted on

  6. Throughout AdColony and the industry, Camila is seen as an honest, hardworking, and reliable leader. She is a straight shooter and always respectfully candid about her opinions to ensure all action items are completed. Camila is guided by her strong work ethic, bringing her professionalism, determination, and high-quality work to each and every project she touches.

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