Carey O’Connor Kolaja
Chief Executive Officer



  • Top SaaS CEO 2021


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Carey O’Connor Kolaja began her professional career nearly 18 years ago. Today, she is the Chief Executive Officer of AU10TIX. AU10TIX, an identity management company headquartered in Israel, provides critical, modular solutions to link physical and digital identities so that companies and their customers can confidently connect.

Kolaja first got her start in 2003 as a part of additional scale-up leadership positions at PayPal. From there, she went on to global chief product officer at Citi, her most recent position prior to joining AU10TIX.

Kolaja graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with an undergraduate degree in business.



  1. Carey is the chief executive officer of AU10TIX, a global leader in automated identity intelligence and cyber fraud prevention. In this capacity, Carey’s key strengths are establishing and driving the overall business vision for a safer and more inclusive world while orchestrating and empowering a team charged with enabling companies to onboard faster, prevent fraud, meet compliance mandates, and establish trust with their customers. Carey is focused on redefining how “trusted access” is granted to individuals and entities. As such, she is a sought-after voice to advise companies on how to balance risk and ease while fighting fraud and protecting identities. Her expertise is second to none when it comes to enabling global businesses to flourish, advising enterprise executives and entrepreneurs on customer strategy, product development, and transformational organizational change when it comes to technology, identity and payments. Carey builds a trusted environment for employees and promotes transparency throughout AU10TIX by being an empathetic and vulnerable leader. In her day-to-day interactions, she believes nothing needs to be taken offline—unless it is personal or about performance, anything goes. She has created a workforce and a culture where people can respectfully debate issues and stand for what they believe without being judged. As a result, employees feel they are part of high performing, trusting teams that support AU10TIX’s overall mission. Another key strength of Carey’s seems counterintuitive but supports the growth of the organization. Carey operates with the belief that you must do less to be more; you must learn to let go. In doing so, Carey creates space to continuously take on new challenges and solve new problems—essentially ensuring what she’s started can be carried on by others. She feels people must be able to say no, because no one can do everything; but together the impossible becomes possible.

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