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Cheryl Michael is the company’s Chief Product Officer leading the future of the CentralReach platform and services. Michael brings over 20 years of healthcare technology experience to the table and has a proven track record of advancing health tech platforms forward. Her experience optimizing product management practices and delivering innovative healthcare technology solutions will play a key role in advancing CentralReach’s mission to provide the end-to-end software and services that help our customers produce superior outcomes for their clients and further solidify CentralReach’s position as a leader in the ABA market.

Prior to CentralReach, Michael was Executive Vice President of Product Management and Engineering at Envera Health. She also held strategic product roles at both Picis and GE/Agility HealthCare Solutions. Michael holds an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University.



  1. Cheryl Michael has made, and continues to make, an incredible impact on both the technology space and women empowerment as a leading executive in the HealthTech industry. She has a proven track record of establishing strong product teams and building innovative solutions that deliver a positive impact and footprint of the companies she helps lead. As the Chief Product Officer at CentralReach and former leader at Envera Health, Picis, and GE Healthcare, Cheryl is one of the most inspirational women leaders in SaaS that I’ve had the privilege to work with. She is a visionary who understands the complexities of the healthcare market and has the foresight to know how to navigate those complexities and where the market will eventually go which contributes to how innovative it is. One of her biggest accomplishments was her ability to lead the conversation in medical necessity in her former role. She was able to create a product that standardized how outcomes were gathered so it was easy for providers to prove to insurance companies the value of the service performed, ultimately reducing insurance fraud and improving reimbursement rates. Cheryl is highly innovative. In the ever-shifting world of healthcare technology, she is constantly exploring ways to innovate and evolve the workflows of the teams and products she manages. She takes a user-driven approach which has led to the rollout of innovative products that have driven millions of dollars in revenue and greater worker efficiencies, including a 360-degree view of the three operation phases that a hospital has: pre-operation, intra-operation, and post-operation. She has lead multiple product launches at CentralReach including CR Insights, a powerful business intelligence solution that provides advanced analytics and industry benchmarking that gives our customers visibility into current-state performance, which will enable them to innovate and improve their own workflows faster so they can spend more time focused on servicing their clients. The solution also gives businesses a competitive edge through advanced benchmarking capabilities and visually-intuitive charts so users can see how they’re performing against industry trends and competitors. Cheryl is also highly collaborative. She knows it takes a team to drive change and is not only capable of building a product team that works well together but also highly communicative and collaborative with cross-functional departments in order to ensure progression. Cheryl takes her position as a woman leader and role model seriously. As a veteran with 20+ years of experience, she regularly gives back to both her team (entry-level to senior) through 1-on-1s, impromptu mentoring sessions, and more. She was recently recognized as one of the top 25 women leaders in New Jersey for her innovation and support of diversity in the workforce.

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