Dave Carruthers



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  1. Dave Carruthers deserves to be recognized as a ‘Top Leader’ in The Software Report. He is a true change agent, and since entering into the insight industry in 2013, Dave has put new research opportunities and methodologies at executives’ fingertips with SaaS technology. Dave has achieved this by charting a new path for qualitative research, making it an agile and scalable methodology that can be used by anyone. As Founder and CEO of Voxpopme, Dave has redefined the possibilities of video for market research, customer feedback, employee feedback, and more. Thanks to Dave’s inspiring, energetic leadership, the technology platform his team has built helps leaders in every industry use real-time video feedback and analytics to create great brands, products, and experiences. Dave’s foresight and timing are impeccable. Firstly, he created a research solution that tapped into society’s growing affinity for video as the world became more comfortable sharing self-recorded stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Secondly, he saw researchers and marketers being challenged to obtain more insight, at deeper levels than ever before, while keeping up with the increasing speed of decision-making in their businesses. Dave recognized that quantitative insight met executives’ need for speed but failed to capture emotive, engaging customer stories. And despite the incredible depth of insight provided by in-person qualitative research, the resource intensity made it harder and harder to justify in a world that needs instant insight to drive innovation. With Voxpopme, Dave married the speed of quant with the depth of qual and paved the way for a new wave of research technology that is still blossoming. In doing so, Dave demonstrated the ability to spot an opportunity to improve an outdated practice, and the follow-through and deliver a better solution. This is something Dave does in every aspect of business and his personal life. He’s a leader that shows up with a relentless drive to make things better. The rise of agile qualitative insight is demonstrated through the ever-increasing volume of research technologies coming to the market and Voxpopme’s success. Thanks to Dave’s vision for qualitative research, and Voxpopme’s enterprise-level solution, video is now at the heart of decisions for the world’s largest businesses. As a result, qualitative research is making the difference at companies like Airbnb, Clorox, Mars Wrigley, and Microsoft, where it creates ROI, better engagement with insight, and drives action. As a result, Voxpopme just got voted as the Number One Qualitative Solution by researchers in the Greenbook Research Industry Trends Report (GRIT) – the definitive guide to consumer insights. Voxpopme’s climb to the top of the qualitative list shows how technology can turn a category on its head and represents a complete shift in the way companies connect with the people, and Dave is the driving force behind that switch. However, Dave’s impact on the insight economy goes way beyond the platform he has built. He continually displays a willingness to create a research environment that is open to change and embraces innovation. As a highly-regarded presenter, Dave takes to the stage at market research, customer experience, and technology conferences around the world. He also promotes the major shift to agile qualitative insights beyond industry press, featuring in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur. Through these presentations and publications, Dave changes the way people think about research technology and the role it has to play in business decisions. As a result, his past and future actions will continue to shape the future of feedback for years to come.

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