Denise Gosnell
Chief Data Officer



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  1. Dr. Denise Gosnell is an extremely accomplished leader who is incredibly passionate about her work. She has a Ph.D in computer science and she holds two patents on novel applications of graph technology within the healthcare industry. Her research coined the concept “social fingerprinting” by applying graph algorithms to predict user identity from telecommunication interactions, and she recently published a book, The Practitioners Guide to Graph Data, which has been ranked as a #1 New Release in the Artificial Intelligence category on Amazon. Dr. Gosnell’s passion for graph data began during her apprenticeship under Dr. Teresa Haynes and Dr. Debra Knisley during her first NSF Fellowship. With this group, she designed and built one of the earliest applications of neural networks for predicting graph theoretic structure in computational biology. She has since built, published, patented, and spoken on dozens of topics related to ML, graph theory, graph algorithms, graph databases and applications of graph data across all industry verticals. Dr. Gosnell leads by example, inspiring others by getting her hands dirty and working alongside her team to solve difficult problems. She demonstrates grit and resilience in her work ethic – from running her own organization at age 17 to leading a team at Datastax that builds some of the largest distributed graph applications in the world. She is a natural leader and is always striving for excellence. Dr. Gosnell is also a strong supporter of women in the field of technology – she started a group at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville called Systers that she still mentors today and worked with Sheryl Sandberg and the Lean In organization to kick off Lean In across campuses. Dr. Gosnell values honest communication and knows the importance of communicating information in a way that the receiver will understand. She leads her team with dignity and compassion for what she does, and makes a point to fully understand and get to know any team she is working with in order to help everyone learn and grow into leaders themselves. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Dr. Gosnell’s strong work ethic and passion for excellence also shine in her personal life – she recently completed the first quarter of the Appalachian Trail – a 471 mile hike from Springer Mountain, GA to Damascus, VA.

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