Diaz Nesamoney



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  1. Diaz’s key strength is his vision for transforming digital marketing and advertising, using machine learning and automation to personalize creative and content, remove inefficiency in creative production, and increase media performance using a technology that can scale personalization. Under his leadership, Jivox customers saved $642 Million in Dynamic Creative Production cost, with over $1 Billion overall Return on Investment. Diaz is a serial entrepreneur. He was previously Co-founder, President, and Chief Operating Officer at Informatica (NASDAQ:INFA), which he took from a startup to a publicly traded company in 1999. Informatica pioneered data integration software as a category and is now the market leader with more than $1 billion in revenue and a $5 billion market capitalization. Before founding Jivox, he founded Celequest and served as its CEO until early 2007, when the company was acquired by Cognos/IBM. Celequest introduced the market’s first business intelligence and analytics appliance, a disruptive innovation that led to its acquisition.

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