Frida Polli
Founder & CEO



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  1. Frida’s greatest strength is her creativity, which enables her to leverage technology to address critical social issues. A Harvard and MIT trained PhD neuroscientist, Frida understands how AI works and how algorithms can actually increase fairness. With this tech know-how, Frida launched Pymetrics to reduce bias, increase diversity and improve efficiency in the hiring process. As a single mother, Frida decided to leave academia and transition into the corporate sector. When applying for jobs after business school, she was stunned that recruiters frequently focused on her lack of business experience rather than by her potential. She decided to start Pymetrics to change the hiring process for the better. She developed Pymetrics’ fairness-optimized AI talent-matching platform to help hiring managers identify candidate’s soft skills and potential. Using AI, Pymetrics puts candidates through a series of games, and maps their responses onto an evidence-based algorithm to determine applicant fit for a given position. Frida’s innovative mindset has filled a gap in the market, allowing companies to find talent that more closely fits their needs. Today, Fortune 500 companies like JP Morgan Chase, Unilever, and Kraft Heinz utilize the software to identify talent.

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