Greg Flynn


Overall Rank: 14

Top SaaS CEOs 2018


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Co-founder and member of the leadership team since the company’s inception, Greg has been instrumental in building and solidifying Brainshark's reputation as a leading provider of sales enablement solutions and top-tier software-as-a-service organization. As CEO, he is responsible for the direction and planning of all sales, marketing, services, product, engineering and IT functions.



  1. Greg is very approachable. I have worked here 15 years and he has been a true leader within his various roles and very well respected. Was thrilled when he was made the CEO. He has a lot of integrity and it really bothers him when something is not “right.” He wants to make things right and wants a wonderful Brainshark culture. We were in a bit of a down time a few years ago, and our culture needed to be changed. He worked very hard to change this. He was instrumental and had key input into our new core values that he lives by. He also is honest and shares wit us the good and the bad. His door is always open and he even implemented one day a week “Eggs with Greg” that anyone can come join to have breakfast with him and ask questions or share concerns.

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  2. Greg understands the business space inside out and is not afraid to make hard decisions when required. Be it front line sales, middle management, or execs, he makes an effort to listen to feedback and implement changes where required. He truly has his finger on the pulse of every functional area of the org. Moreover, he truly cares about the well being of his employees, making for a very employee friendly culture. I’ve been in the SaaS space for well over a decade and have not worked at a company that cares about it’s employees as much as Brainshark does.

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