Howard Lerman
Co-Founder & CEO



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Howard Lerman is the Co-Founder & CEO of Yext. He first joined the company in 2006. Yext is a knowledge engine platform that helps brands deliver official answers to consumer questions. The platform helps businesses manage all of the public facts that they want consumers to know across the digital ecosystem.

Previously, Lerman was a founder & president at

Lerman graduated from Duke University.



  1. Howard Lerman, the innovator and visionary behind Yext, is marked by his unique ability to think both outside of the box and one step ahead at all times. He has always been this way — as a middle schooler, he was described by his teacher as a “scary bright kid” who shunned routines and textbooks, and as a Duke University student, he founded his first company and sold it before he even graduated. Howard founded Yext, his fourth company, in 2006, on the principle that the ultimate authority on a business should be the business itself. Thanks to his vision and guidance, Yext’s innovations positively impact the search experiences of millions who use a search bar every day to find official answers. By driving integrations with tech giants like Google and Amazon and overseeing deals companies around the world from Verizon to Vanguard to Campbell’s, Howard has enabled Yext to transform how businesses reach consumers through search. With these milestones and others, including going from private to public, expanding to offices around the globe, and selling out the company’s annual ONWARD conference for the past three years, he has become a well-respected voice in the tech and marketing space while positioning Yext to become the next great search company.

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