Janice Le
Chief Market and Product Officer



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Janice joined Helpshift in 2020 as Chief Market and Product Officer. Helpshift bridges the disconnect between conventional customer service channels—like email and phone support—and a growing consumer base that does more on mobile phones and has a strong preference for messaging as the primary mode of communication.

Previously, she was a SVP, Global Marketing at Palo Alto Networks and before that a CMO at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. Earlier in her career she worked with Cisco Systems as a Senior Manager, Product Management.

She graduated from San Jose State University with an undergraduate degree in Marketing and from Golden Gate University where she earned a masters' degree in Telecommunication Management.



  1. Janice is a strong leader because she leads the charge at Helpshift and galvanizes the team to build relevant content, focus on growth, and find clarity of meaning with every task. She is intensely-focused, thorough in her work, energetic, and ready to share her ideas as well as listen to others and ask questions. As Chief Market and Product Officer, her work for the organization is critical to the company’s success. In her ability to articulate her vision, plan for growth, and provide concrete feedback, Janice embodies both power and precision, a difficult balance to achieve at a startup.

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  2. Deep strategic alignment, driving the company’s business strategy, focus on customers and overall leadership.

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  3. Visionary, analytical, very quick to action strategy into execution, very bright, very powerful woman

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