Jessica Day
Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer



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Jessica Day Took IdeaScale from a US-centric SaaS start-up to a global platform with 4.5 million end users. She leads an inbound marketing program that generates 95% of all new business inquiries.
Jessica has evolved over the course of her career from marketing and communications content creation to content strategy and brand engagement expertise that influences millions of dollars of business each year.

Her work with businesses (both large and small) has been an interdisciplinary exercise, developing her skills in social media management, customer relationship management, sales content expertise, SEO strategy, product marketing, digital strategy, copywriting and editing.

She has also applied these skills in her not-for-profit volunteer work.



  1. Jessica is very forward thinking. She is able to identify opportunities and motivate others to come along with her to fulfill a promising vision. She really inspires others at the company and sets a positive and supportive tone with the entire team. She is also extremely good at tracking progress. She is a queen of metrics! She is also very sharp when it comes to identifying possible threats or weaknesses and lobbying to fill the gap. Her biggest strength is that this woman is always two steps ahead of the game.

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  2. Jessica does an incredible amount of work with so little resources. It’s truly incredible to have witnessed her accomplishments over the past 7+ years. As a company that generates nearly 100% of its new revenue from inbound lead generation, it would be hard for anyone on the outside to even imagine one person (Jessica) is responsible for the entire strategy and delivery of those efforts. She’s consistent and a really joy to work with.

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  3. Jessica is an incredible writer and communicator. She believes in sales 2.0 methods, so research is a key component of her work.

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  4. Jessica is passionate about her beliefs and empowers others to do the same.

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