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  1. As the CEO of a rapidly growing insurtech company, John-Isaac “jC” Clark’s success draws on his many positive attributes, but most significant is his unique ability to build deep and meaningful relationships with internal stakeholders. From his earliest days as Arturo’s CEO, when the company’s headcount numbered some 15 employees, jC was always committed to being transparent. He understood that, especially in a startup environment, hiding the details could only have adverse consequences, so he consistently strove for employee buy-in — helping employees understand the vision and direction of the company and ultimately fostering a more committed workforce. As the company has grown, he has continued to understand the importance of consistent and transparent external and internal communications, and he encourages other members of the leadership team to adopt this ethos. jC is an excellent networker and people person who is a great judge of character, which has enabled him to identify and develop relationships with key employees, investors and vendors. His charismatic personality, extensive background in sales and singular ability to develop positive rapport with these stakeholders has helped maintain these long-term relationships, which in turn has equipped Arturo to continually provide exceptional and innovative services and solutions to its clients. With his problem-solving attitude, jC has created a collaborative working environment that empowers employees to create their best work without fear of failure. Not surprisingly, many of the same people skills also enhance jC’s ability to obtain and satisfy Arturo clients. With the company having recently raised $25 million in Series B funding — another milestone largely attributable to his relationship building skills, with clients/return investors participating in the round — jC’s unique leadership skills are poised to continue the company’s meteoric growth.

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