Katharine Nielson
Chief Education Officer



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Katharine joined Voxy in 2012 as Chief Education Officer. Voxy is an innovative and flexible digital English language learning solution that has been used successfully by over four million learners and hundreds of corporate clients around the world.

Previously, she was a Principal Research Assistant at University of Maryland Center for Advanced Study of Language (CASL) and before that a Language Training Consultant at PerformTech Inc.. Earlier in her career she worked with WDS as an Account Representative.

She graduated from University of Virginia with an undergraduate degree in Spanish Language and Literature and a MA in Linguistics at University College London and University of Maryland College Park where she earned a Phd in Second Language Acquisition.



  1. As someone dedicated to language learning and improving economic mobility, I am continually amazed by Katie’s ability to merge her passion for assisting underserved communities with her devotion to her work in curriculum, pedagogy, and program development. Katie is a natural leader: she has spent years improving her understanding of language acquisition and has led many teams in designing award-winning language courses, including those at Hunter College, the University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced Study of Language, and PerformTech. These experiences have allowed her to open doors for underserved groups like immigrants, asylum-seekers, and refugees, who are often overlooked in conversations surrounding employee skills and training. In my nearly two years of working at Voxy, I’ve seen Katie lead multiple teams, from Content to Customer Success to Product, all while creating outstanding, personalized coursework for our learners. With Katie’s PhD in linguistics, she challenges me to become a better marketer and has helped us use our strengths towards a greater good. It is an honor to work alongside her. I’m incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to work with Katie on these initiatives and look forward to working with her on future projects.

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