Kristine Steuart
CEO & Co-Founder



  • Top Women Leaders 2019


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As CEO and Co-Founder, Kristine Steuart leads the Allocadia team in realizing their vision of a world where marketers make every dollar count. To rally behind their mission, Kristine is focused on building a world-class team and a culture of living our core values.

Kristine Steuart and her twin sister Katherine Berry co-founded Allocadia in 2010 after experiencing first-hand the difficulty in gaining insights into marketing investments and measuring marketing performance. Kristine has led Allocadia from a bootstrapped start up with a handful of customers to a global organization with hundreds of enterprise customers worldwide who manage billions of dollars in marketing spend in Allocadia, $30m in venture funding, and partnerships with marketing cloud leaders like Oracle, IBM and Marketo. With a radically better way to plan, budget and optimize their marketing investments, Allocadia’s enterprise software is helping propel marketers on a journey they have embarked upon: leading in their companies by driving real business impact.



  1. Kristine has always been dedicated to empowering those around her and encouraging employees to pursue their passions. This past year, Kristine channeled her love for mentorship and leadership development into an ongoing series of speaking events, videos, and employee programming titled, Create Confidence. In this series, Kristine draws upon her entrepreneurial experience to inspire CMOs, non-marketing entrepreneurs, and her own staff to excel down a path of leadership, tackling challenging topics such as how to instill confidence in yourself regardless of seniority, the damage of overconfidence to yourself and your peers, and the importance of remembering we are all someone’s customer. While she has certainly achieved many incredible things this past year–expanding Allocadia’s customer base, rolling out time-saving and insight-driving new features, and growing our team at all levels–I am most impressed by Kristine’s enthusiasm for taking up a project she believes deeply in, elevating others and helping them grow by learning through her experience. Her choice to launch the Create Confidence series is representative of Kristine’s compassion, drive, and dedication to lifting up her teams — an inspiring quality from a CEO.

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  2. Driving forward the corporate vision, and ensuring that the company is on track to align current corporate goals with future company vision.

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