Linda Shaffer
Chief People and Operations Officer



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Linda Shaffer began her professional career 30 years ago. Today, she is the Chief People and Operations Officer of Checkr. Checkr is a startup that provides either online access or an API that returns automatically generated background checks. Checkr uses the same data sources as traditional background check companies, but can usually turn it around a lot more quickly than traditional providers.

Shaffer first got her start in 1991 as an energy efficiency analyst at New York Power Authority. From there, she went on to Hagler Bailly Consulting Inc, before eventually rising to executive director, client services and ad operations at YP, her most recent position prior to joining Checkr.

Shaffer graduated from the University of Chicago – Booth School of Business with an MBA and from Princeton University with an undergraduate degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering.



  1. Linda leads both operations and the people team at Checkr, the leading technology company in the background check industry. She brings experience and calm to our 7-year old startup that has been beneficial as we have grown to a $4.6 Billion company. Linda has 20-plus years of experience commercializing and growing data products, developing scalable operations, and managing teams both large and small. She has focused on helping growth companies to scale from startup to growth operations in data and analytics businesses. She is also a mentor for many at our company both male and female.

    Senior-Level Professional, submitted on

  2. Linda leads with amazing empathy- for both internal employees and our customers. She is a great advocate for employees and customers and is always thinking about what we can do better to improve the employee and customer experience. She really listens to our employees and customers and understands our needs, especially in difficult times such as these. She’s able to effectively communicate how the company is addressing the needs of both customers and employees.

    Mid-Level Professional, submitted on

  3. Linda is an impressive leader. She is able to see the big picture and also the small details needed to make that picture meaningful. She is also an incredible leader, mentor, and motivator for her team.

    Staff, submitted on

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