Matt Scheuing



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  1. Matt is one of the greatest CEOs that I have experienced in the software industry, and that includes time at both Ballmer and Nadella’s Microsoft along with many other companies of varying size. The reason Matt stands out is because how human he is, and how human he allows everyone around him to be. Matt often sits back and observes, referring to himself as a curator he waits until he sees many pieces to a puzzle before helping to put it together. Notice that I said he doesn’t put puzzles together himself, he simply helps. As a leader, he is the perfect facilitator of success. He never stands in the way of a human’s potential, and often has more patience for a person’s potential than that very individual has for themself. His trust in those around them, frees everyone to not just trust each other, but to trust themselves. Trust themselves to know what’s right, and to do what’s right by the business. The most important strength a leader can have is their ability to enable those around them to do their best work, in a meaningful and authentic way. There’s no wonder why we are a rare privately-owned enterprise software company that is actually profitable and has cash on the balance sheet. It is his unconditional belief in the potential of people, and a relentless dedication to actively living those beliefs, that makes Matt a one-of-a-kind leader.

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