Michelle Pietsch
Vice President of Revenue



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  1. As Vice President of Revenue, Michelle Pietsch focuses on managing and scaling Dooly’s sales team to drive revenue growth across both our existing customer base and our net new customers. She has an impressive track record of developing and building successful sales teams for fast-growing startups (VP Sales at Drift and VP Sales at DataDog prior), and as a former sales rep herself, she has a keen understanding of what salespeople need to succeed at work. This translates into a degree of empathy from someone who, as a leader, has never forgotten where she came from. Michelle holds frequent town halls with her team to give them space to voice their opinions and speak about any challenges they’re facing and consistently runs “game tape” of the teams’ conversations to help them unlock their abilities as they grow under her mentorship. She understands that managers need to listen to their teams and work in tandem with them to come up with solutions, instead of just prescribing quick fixes without trying to understand the root problems. The respect she shows her team members and her dedication to helping them succeed doesn’t just make her a great leader; it also makes her a serious proponent of Dooly’s values and mission to empower salespeople to live their best lives both at and outside of work.

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