Neil Barua



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  1. While most CEOs will mention partnerships or securing marquee customers, Neil is focused on ensuring his front-line employees who assist and speak with customers every day feel comfortable and confident to voice their real thoughts and concerns to the C-suite. These employees are truly “the face” of the company and receive tangible insight into what customers are really feeling about a company’s product or solution. If empowered, these employees have the ability to provide critical strategic counsel and, in turn, steer the company towards success. This is the basis of Neil’s unique take on servant leadership and the first tenet listed in ServiceMax’s corporate values: “Leaders work for you.” Neil is a passionate leader who believes in putting employees and their families first (another core value at ServiceMax). Best demonstrated through the unprecedented challenges faced in 2020, Neil made the decision early ( to move all employees to work remotely in order to protect our employees, families and communities and continues to maintain a cautious approach to any plans for returning to the office. Neil has also been a vocal advocate in the Black Lives Matter movement, hosting company-wide, open dialogue sessions ( on a regular basis, encouraging all who are interested to join, share, listen and keep these critical conversations going. Neil has had several opportunities to implement his leadership strategies with an extensive background in the technology industry and a proven track record of growing businesses. Most recently, Barua served as an operating partner at Silver Lake, the private equity firm that acquired a majority stake in ServiceMax. Neil has worked at start-ups, has been mentored by CEO of T-Mobile John Legere, has helped pull companies back from the brink of bankruptcy, and served as CEO of IPC systems (which was also owned by Silver Lake and was sold under Neil’s leadership for $1.2 billion).

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