Olivia Ji
Co-Founder and President



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As Co-Founder and President of EventBank, Olivia maintains extensive experience in the marketing and internet industries. She has developed several technology companies from the ground up and has served as a senior business leader in multinational enterprises.

Olivia is Founding Director of Beijing Hefeng Art Charity Foundation and President of Women in Leadership China. She received her bachelor’s degree from Beijing’s Capital University of Economics and Business and holds a Master of Commerce from the University of Sydney, with a double major in marketing and accounting.



  1. Among many hats, Olivia handles many of the non “sexy” but extremely important aspects of our growing company, from fundraising to finance and HR and delivers results every time. When there is a crisis, she is the first to jump in and ensure that there is a solution. Like many entrepreneurs, she has continued to learn areas that she isn’t familiar with and hasn’t experienced before. She doesn’t get a lot of recognition for the work that she does, but she is vital to help get the company where it is today.

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