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  1. Peter has shown incredible leadership, from firm resolve, quick on his feet, and adaptable in the face of adversity and change. As a former retailer himself, who has over 16 years of ecommerce experience, Peter has had a tremendous impact on the growth of the company since he stepped into his role as CEO two years ago. Peter’s ability to work tirelessly behind the scene to cultivate a sense of purpose and community among his employees and clients never wavered in the face of uncertainty. Most notably, Peter remained resilient and demonstrated adaptability when his employees and community of retailers needed him the most. Whether ensuring his team was fully equipped to work from home, had the necessary tools to continue to grow in their roles, or his clients had the solutions necessary to use Searchspring in ways that would most benefit their immediate needs, he listened and took action. Peter was at the center of these accomplishments, yielding a nearly 250% year-over-year increase in revenue amongst Searchspring customers in 2020. Peter never ceased to shoulder his employees and clients alike through last year- he firmly believes that the wellbeing of his employees was the reflection of the wellbeing of the company. Transparency being one of the company’s core pillars, Peter doesn’t shy away from tough conversations. He leads with conviction, and part of it is his transparency in communication as a leader. His candor goes far beyond just the leadership group. Employees are made aware of every decision, or intention weekly through a CEO recap, and are encouraged to ask difficult questions, or simply go to him directly. While he has been an admirable business leader and has increased the company’s value proposition by growing the company by well over 45% and increasing MRRs by more than 60%, he has most notably forged a lasting foundation for an inclusive, open, and diverse company culture. Inclusion and diversity is a big part of the company’s core values, under Peter’s direction, Searchsprig has increased women employee count by over 50% since he started, and has been a strong advocate for bridging the gender gap in technology. As an advocate for inclusivity, he’s opened the floor to share resources and have safe and open conversations around important subjects including LGBTQIA+ month, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and Juneteenth. More than just the culture, Peter has fought for his employees’ benefits since he started. His 100% approval on glassdoor is a reflection of his unwavering commitment to his employees. Staff now has unlimited PTO, a volunteer program encouraging employees to help out in the community during office hours, a matching donation program, company-paid healthcare, a 50% matching 401k program, and actively fostering open communication across all our channels, including slack. His continued effort to encourage employees to use their unlimited PTO time, and prioritize their mental health yielded a 212% increase in PTO usage from Q2 to Q4 2020 – fostering a healthier, more productive workforce. His accomplishments were particularly felt last year and were highlighted by the successful merger with Canadian entity Nextopia, the acquisition of 4-Tell, and the company’s expansion into Poland and Australia. Under his leadership, the company grew its San Antonio headcount by over 800% in under a year, all while retaining its culture founded on six pillars, including transparency, customer first, open by default, fail fast and publicly, do it now, and treat everyone with respect. Under his leadership, the company deployed over four game-changing features in less than 12 months, including A/B testing, Personalized Recommendations, Geographic Merchandising, and Inline Banners, giving retailers the ability to create memorable shopping experiences that convert.

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