Rob Reid
Executive Vice President & Managing Director
Sage Intacct



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With more than 35 years’ experience in the software industry, Rob Reid has a proven track record of driving explosive growth at innovative companies, and has demonstrated a deep expertise in bringing cloud computing to the world of business applications.

Rob has served as president and CEO of LucidEra, a market leader for on-demand business intelligence. Prior to that, he was group vice president of industry-leading Siebel CRM On Demand for Oracle Corporation, managing the SMB sector. As president and CEO of on-demand CRM innovator UpShot, Rob grew the company tenfold before it was acquired by Siebel.

Rob served as president of Concur Commerce Network, an e-marketplace for small to mid-sized businesses, and also as president and CEO of Seeker Software. Rob was a vice president at Documentum, where he helped establish the company as a world leader of document management software. Rob has also held executive management positions at Octel Communications, NBI, and Zenith Data Systems.



  1. For nearly 20 years, Intacct now Sage Intacct has been focused on the key things needed to drive the success of a business: providing an innovative solution that delivers measurable results for customers, combined with unmatched levels of customer satisfaction, and a company culture built around happy employees. For the last 10 years, this vision and growth has been led by Rob Reid of Sage Intacct. Rob leads an experienced management team with a demonstrated track record of scaling at pace and with record-setting growth. The most notable proof point for this is last year’s $850M acquisition of Intacct by The Sage Group. With more than 30 years of experience in the software industry, and numerous previous CEO positions, Rob was pivotal in leading this acquisition — the largest to date by The Sage Group. As a leader and mentor, Rob understands that culture starts from those in senior positions, and plays an important role in shaping individuals who are responsible for bringing their personal and career dreams to life. Rob says, used to think strategy, execution, and culture were a three-legged stool. Now I realize that if you create the best culture, the other two will follow. So, at Sage Intacct we really look for team oriented and results-driven people who want to contribute and make a difference. In order to build a world-class organization, Rob has invested in a simple, yet profound, philosophy that almost everyone goes to work to do a good job. If someone is not doing a good job, most leaders would step back and say, Im not sure they’re going to make it here. Rob takes the opposite approach embracing the idea that the company has done something to let the employee down. “We either haven’t taken the individual through the right process, or trained them appropriately, or communicated the explicit objectives that are to be achieved.” If somebody is not doing something as expected, Rob seeks to understand what’s going on and help them succeed. With a visionary approach to cloud technology, a perfectionist pursuit of execution, and by creating a culture that encourages constant learning, Rob is a top contender for Top 50 SaaS CEOs list.

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