Sarika Garg
Chief Strategy Officer



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Sarika leads corporate strategy, brand and marketing as the Chief Strategy Officer of Tradeshift. She joined the Company in 2015 bringing years of deep experience in key senior roles with large software organizations. Prior to Tradeshift, she was Senior Director of Product Management for Ariba Commerce Cloud. And before Ariba, she spent eleven years with SAP in various positions ultimately culminating in her promotion to Senior Director, Product Management in the Office of the CEO.

Sarika is passionate about networked SaaS businesses and has spent her career building products that connect supply chains over the cloud. She was also Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Marketplaces business at Tradeshift. Sarika attributes her success to living across the world growing up in Africa, and studying and working in India and Germany. She is an active angel investor and advisor to startups, and mentors young up-and-coming leaders.



  1. Sarika acts as a foundational and essential leader within Tradeshift’s organization. Her strengths of discipline, analytical thinking, and communication skills can best be seen through her unparalleled impact at Tradeshift. Her work as Chief Strategy Officer includes leading corporate strategy, branding and marketing. Sarika continuously challenges Tradeshift to improve on a foundational level by promoting larger conversations around diversity in leadership roles. Her strengths of commitment and passion have led Tradeshift to promote a diverse, welcoming work environment and to excel within the supply chain industry. Sarika’s impressive work and competitive professional qualities are all supported by her most foundational strength– leadership. Her ability to lead translates through her success in continuously producing results at Tradeshift. She has helped scale Tradeshift from 100 employees to 1000 employees , and the company secure a $250 million funding round in 2018. This natural ability to lead has resulted in Sarika’s involvement mentoring other women to act as a propeller for her female peers in their upward mobility.

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  2. * Leader that inspires * Leads by enabling people * Creates a culture of positivity around her * Focuses on the end goal and creates a results driven culture * Mentors others to grow

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