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Sergei Anikin began his professional career 17 years ago. Today, he is the VP of Engineering of Pipedrive. Pipedrive is a cloud-based software as a service company. It is the developer of the web application and mobile app Pipedrive, a sales customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

Anikin first got his start in 17 as a head of software development at Swedbank, eventually rising to architect at Skype, his most recent position prior to joining Pipedrive.

Anikin graduated from the Tallinn University of Technology with an MS in economics and data processing.



  1. For the past seven years, Sergei has been one of the key players in Pipedrive, the leading CRM platform for sales and marketing teams. As a CTO of the company, one of his biggest long-term achievements has been creating and implementing an organizational model, which is capable of scaling up manyfold within a short period of time without losing velocity. He believes that it is crucial to let technical and product leadership focus on the right things — technical legacy should never prevent teams from innovating. Sergei is an inspirational leader not only to engineers but for the whole company. He always takes the role of a mentor, not an executive. Being a very hands-on leader, he is offering guidance, solutions and bold ideas, but not telling employees what to do. His biggest contribution within Pipedrive has been leading the transition towards a self-managing agile organisation, giving the employees full transparency and creating a safety net that allows team members to experiment, be creative and make decisions, even if they are wrong. When COVID hit, Sergei proved that he can be a strong leader and people manager also during stressful times. Under his guidance, Pipedrive has pivoted internally several times, adjusting its product development priorities overnight to deliver to sales and marketing professionals what they need now they are working remotely. In January 2021, Sergei accepted the co-CEO position in Pipedrive with Michael Schrezenmaier, the COO of the company. Under the management of the dynamic duo, Pipedrive has continued fast growth, showing excellent results, and will reach the milestone of 100,000 customers any day. Sergei is an active contributor also outside of Pipedrive. As a thought leader of agile organizations, he is a member and regular author at the Forbes Tech Forum. He always takes time to contribute to the startup ecosystem by mentoring, lecturing at universities, and giving talks at webinars and podcasts. During the Global Hack, the biggest online hackathon in the world, he served as the education track lead mentor.

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