Sridhar Ganesh
CEO and Managing Director
Adrenalin eSystems Limited



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Sridhar Ganesh began his professional career 30 years ago. Today, he is the CEO and Managing Director of Adrenalin eSystems Limited. Adrenalin is a web-based human resource software that automates the entire HR process to boost productivity.

Ganesh first got his start in 1993 as an HR Director at Cadbury India Limited. From there, he went on to Cadbury Schweppes, before eventually rising to professor, strategic HR, and chairperson at Loyola Institute of Business Administration, his most recent position prior to joining Adrenalin eSystems Limited.

Ganesh graduated from the Indian Institute of Management with an undergraduate degree in physics.



  1. Subject Matter Expert in HR, an experienced Business Leader with interests in the areas of Coaching for Performance, Business Strategy, Leadership Development & Presence, Communication. Specialized in Developing and implementing HR strategy, Leadership Development, Setting up of Coaching & Mentoring Practice in business Coaching for Business Leaders. He is also a prolific writer and author. His latest book is “HR Superstar”.

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