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Tom Keiser is the CEO of Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a platform for managing social media. More than 15 million users, including 800+ of the Fortune 1000 companies, trust Hootsuite to manage their social media programs across multiple social networks from one integrated dashboard. Keiser has over 33 years in the marketing and IT industry. He began his career in 1988.

Before joining Hootsuite, Keiser was a chief operating officer at Zendesk and before that an EVP global product operations at Gap Inc. Earlier in his career he worked with BellSouth as a programmer analyst.

Keiser graduated from the University of West Florida with an undergraduate degree in systems science.



  1. With more than 30 years of global technology and business transformation experience, Tom Keiser is a people-first leader, known and respected for driving high growth, agile, and supportive workplace environments rallied around a common purpose, which ultimately sets employees up for growth and success. Tom’s leadership is grounded in the belief of cadence, measurement, transparency, and decision-making that always includes a “why.” Moreover, he believes in accountability in decision-making and the importance of asking questions so that everyone understands the problem and the solution, and that you sometimes need to slow down to go fast. Organizations that understand their business, and why decisions are made, are better aligned, and more agile. Tom is comfortable leading people who are smarter than him—clearing obstacles to empower their success. Tom approaches things from a place of calm, to “always be the calm in the room” in order to deescalate the pressure so that the right decisions can be made. He believes that it’s important to understand the root problem before trying to solve it, instead of simply launching initiatives to remedy situations. Tom is an empathetic leader who looks to genuinely connect with the people around him, communicating with authenticity and transparency. He is committed to making sure that everyone within the organization is focussed and aligned on the growth trajectory of the company, using methodologies and approaches he’s used in the past to bring it all together. Tom is authentic to his core and seeks to understand before being understood. Given Tom has been completely remote since starting with Hootsuite in July 2020, he has been able to spearhead and implement initiatives designed to grow and foster an inclusive corporate culture. He championed a process, grounded in a commitment to inclusion through the engagement of employees across the business, to develop a set of guiding principles that would outline what Hootsuite stands for and believes in, and how the teams work and show up in the world. Tom has made inroads to strengthen and diversify the company’s executive leadership team. Between 2020 and 2021, Tom diversified Hootsuite’s leadership team by bringing Tara Ataya, previously VP of People, into the C-suite as Hootsuite’s first Chief People and Diversity Officer. Since appointing Tara as the Chief People & Diversity Officer, Tom has closely collaborated with her to orchestrate a wide range of initiatives aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at Hootsuite, including ongoing executive listening sessions with employees to elevate underrepresented voices in the company. Under Tom’s leadership, there has been an increase in the number of employees who self-identify as a member of an unrepresented group and also an increase in Hootsuite’s belonging score, indicating there is a stronger sense of belonging at the organization among employees. – Under Tom’s leadership, Hootsuite has initiated programs that put employees first. Programs include: an all-company wellness week—a week where the company will shut down to allow all employees to take a break after a year of so much change; Friday afternoons off throughout Q3; a vacation contest that encourages employees to take their vacation and be entered to win prizes, such as a trip to Bali; and an overhaul of the benefits program with a focus on mental health and inclusion. – Tom further expanded his leadership team with the appointment of Melissa Murray-Bailey as SVP of Global Sales. Through the World Women’s HIstory Month, Tom held three separate LinkedIn Lives—one with Melissa, Tara and Rich Hungerford to discuss as leaders how they choose to challenge, and be allies for one another; another with two female Hootsuite Board members to discuss the road they have traveled in their careers and what Choose to Challenge (this year’s theme) means for them; and another with a panel of six young female Hootsuite employees to hear their stories, where Tom committed himself as an ally. – Tom will soon announce the appointment of a CMO who will further diversify his executive team. – Despite limitations brought on by the pandemic, Tom has continued to drive Hootsuite forward by growing our headcount by ~10%. To help Hootsuite further advance its footprint in the market, Tom led the charge on acquiring leading SaaS provider, Sparkcentral, which has enhanced Hootsuite’s channel alignment and enabled brands to implement effective and holistic customer care and experience, through 1:1 conversational messaging channels including Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter, among others. – Externally, Tom has mobilized efforts to support Hootsuite’s 210,000+ paying customers, many of which are small businesses that suffered during the pandemic, by hosting training and advisory sessions catered to customer needs. – Through his 30-year career, Tom has also led major global technology initiatives across enterprise, consumer, and retail companies including Zendesk, The Gap Inc., L Brands, Ernst & Young, and Capgemini. While COO of Zendesk, Tom helped drive the company’s annual revenue from $200 million to nearly $1 billion, while quadrupling the number of employees. Implementing his learnings from Zendesk and now as CEO of Hootsuite, Tom is leading the company through its next stage of growth in the rapidly growing social media management space with a focus on organic growth, strategic M&A, and a disciplined approach on the company’s target customers and markets.

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