Tracee Aliotti
Chief Marketing Officer
CBT Nuggets



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Tracee joined CBT Nuggets in 2018 as Chief Marketing Officer. CBT Nuggets provides innovative IT training that is informative, meaningful, and engaging.

Previously, she was a Senior Director of Events Strategy & Experience at ISTE and before that a Senior Account Manager at Funk/Levis & Associates. Earlier in her career she worked with Crossroads Espresso as a East Coast Sales Rep.

She graduated from University of Oregon with an undergraduate degree in Marketing.



  1. When Tracee joined CBT Nuggets in October 2018, no one could have guessed how much her skill set would flourish in the CBT Nuggets environment. She started her role with a vision for how she wanted to strategically market the CBT Nuggets platform and brand. She executed that vision by educating our entire organization about the specifics of the marketing funnel, and capitalizing on a variety of marketing lead generation campaigns for our brand. This strategy helped more people “meet” the CBT Nuggets brand, providing value to folks — and keeping them coming back from more. Tracee has likened this marketing funnel-based strategy to taking the first bite of ice cream cone, a vision that our organization has latched onto and gives outsiders an understanding of an otherwise vague concept. Tracee has a knack for identifying peoples’ talent and putting them in positions to succeed. As such, she helped restructure the roles and subsets of the marketing team — so everyone could be successful. This restructuring of the team has led to a strong synergy amongst teammates, which has withstood the test of the current global pandemic. The CBT Nuggets marketing team has maintained relationships with each other via virtual happy hours, dinners, and other events despite working together remotely. Tracee has provided countless hours of mentorship and guidance to CBT Nuggets team members throughout the organization, making the entire CBT Nuggets community much stronger and more capable of taking on whatever the online IT training industry throws at us. She’s able to take command and communicate upward effectively, articulating the goals and desires of her team so that leadership understands our end goals. Tracee’s strengths are more than ideal for any individual in her role to have, and any team would be more than lucky to have her on board to help them accomplish their goals.

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