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AlphaSense is a market intelligence and search platform founded in 2011 by Jack Kokko and Raj Neervannan. The company’s headquarters is located in New York City, and it has offices in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Finland, and India. As of now, AlphaSense employs over 1,000 people across its various locations.

The company serves a broad range of industries, including finance, consulting, corporate strategy, legal, and accounting. Its AI-based technology enables professionals to search and analyze extensive public and private content, including company filings, event transcripts, expert call transcripts, news, trade journals, and equity research. AlphaSense’s platform is trusted by over 4,000 enterprise customers, including a majority of the S&P 500.

Over the years, AlphaSense has received funding from a group of investors, including CapitalG, and Goldman Sachs. The company has raised over $620.1M in funding over 10 rounds, and its latest funding round was in April 2023.

AlphaSense’s CEO and Founder, Jack Kokko, started the company after experiencing the pain of manual research during his time as an investment banking analyst. He and his co-founder, Raj Neervannan, launched AlphaSense to address the lack of progress in research tools and processes despite technological advancements. The company’s mission is to help professionals make smarter business decisions by delivering insights from a vast universe of data points.

Key Products


AlphaSense is designed to be a powerful and efficient platform that provides users with the easiest and fastest way to search and monitor companies, topics, and industries across thousands of premium business data sources. The platform is built to provide users with speed and scale, with the ability to search through over 1,000 sources in seconds. AlphaSense’s user interface is simple and intuitive, providing users with a seamless experience.

Wall Street Insights

Wall Street Insights provides users with access to research from all of Wall Street’s top banks. This product allows users to better understand market, industry, and company shifts with access to leading equity research from 1,000+ leading brokers, as well as all of Wall Street’s top analyst firms, including Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and Morgan Stanley. With Wall Street Insights®, users can stay on top of the latest market trends and insights.

Company Documents

The Company Documents product provides users with access to over 10,000 high-quality sources, all in one place. Users can easily analyze filings, earnings, and press from hundreds of thousands of public companies and over 1.4 million private companies. This product is designed to help users stay up-to-date with the latest financial information and insights from the companies they are interested in.

Expert Transcripts

AlphaSense’s Expert Transcripts product provides users with unique insights from tens of thousands of expert interviews. With Stream’s on-demand, expert interview transcripts, users can easily extract insights from interviews with former executives, competitors, and customers. This product adds a critical primary research perspective to the research process, allowing users to gain a deeper understanding of the companies and industries they are researching.

Overall, AlphaSense is a valuable tool for anyone looking to stay on top of the latest financial information and insights.

Customer Insights

To gain insight into how customers perceive the platform, we reviewed 140 customer reviews on G2 where the organization was rated 4.7 on 5.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

AlphaSense has received a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on G2, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction. Out of 80 reviews, 65% rated AlphaSense as excellent, while 24% rated it as very good. Only 11% of the reviewers gave AlphaSense a rating of average or below.

Ease of Use

A majority of customers found AlphaSense to be easy to use. 79% of the reviewers rated the platform as easy to use, while only 6% found it difficult to use. Customers appreciated the intuitive user interface, which allowed them to easily navigate and access the information they needed.

Features and Functionality

Customers appreciated the powerful features and functionality of AlphaSense. 81% of the reviewers praised the platform’s search capabilities, which allowed them to find relevant information quickly and efficiently. Many customers also appreciated the platform’s advanced analytics and visualization tools, which helped them to gain insights into the data they were analyzing.

Customer Support

AlphaSense has received great reviews on customer support. 80% of the reviewers rated the platform’s customer support as excellent or very good. Customers appreciated the prompt and knowledgeable support they received when they had questions or issues with the platform.


While some customers found AlphaSense to be expensive, the majority felt that the platform offered good value for the price. 57% of the reviewers rated the pricing as good or excellent, while only 13% rated it as poor. Customers appreciated the various pricing plans that allowed them to choose a plan that fit their needs and budget.

Customers appreciate the platform’s ability to help them find relevant information quickly and efficiently, and the advanced analytics and visualization tools that allow them to gain insights into the data they are analyzing. While some customers found the platform to be expensive, the majority felt that it offered good value for the price.


  • AlphaSense was founded in 2011 in New York, USA.

  • AlphaSense employs over 1,000 people across offices in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Finland, and India.

  • Their platform is trusted by over 4,000 enterprise customers, including a majority of the S&P 500.

  • AlphaSense has raised a total of $620.1M in funding over 10 rounds.

  • Their latest funding was raised on Apr 11, 2023, from a Series D round.

  • AlphaSense is funded by 24 investors, with Viking Global Investors and Goldman Sachs Asset Management being the most recent investors.

  • AlphaSense has a post-money valuation in the range of $1B to $10B as of Apr 11, 2023, according to PrivCo.

  • AlphaSense has acquired 2 organizations, with their most recent acquisition being Sentieo on May 11, 2022.

Ratings and Commentary

With $620.1M raised over 10 funding rounds, AlphaSense has impressive capital backing and a post-money valuation of between $1B to $10B as of April 11, 2023. This suggests a high level of confidence in the organization’s ability to deliver value to its stakeholders.

The organization is backed by 24 investors, including recent investors Viking Global Investors and Goldman Sachs Asset Management. The organization’s most recent acquisition of Sentieo on May 11, 2022, is also a testament to its strategy for growth and expansion.

The organization’s product quality is highly regarded, with customers citing its ease of use and comprehensive features in G2 reviews. Additionally, AlphaSense has over 4,000 enterprise customers, including a majority of the S&P 500, indicating a significant market share and dominance in the industry.

However, the financial market intelligence space is highly competitive, with threats from well-established players such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. To maintain its position, AlphaSense will need to continue investing in product innovation and expanding its market reach. With a strong team of over 1,000 employees across multiple offices worldwide, including key decision-makers such as CEO Jack Kokko and CTO Raj Neervannan, AlphaSense has the leadership necessary to steer the ship toward continued growth and success.

AlphaSense's Video

Key Executives

Jack Kokko, CEO and Founder

Jack Kokko is the CEO and founder of AlphaSense, a market intelligence search engine. He has a mission to leverage AI to help businesses acquire information more efficiently and make better decisions quickly and confidently. Jack Kokko has been with AlphaSense since its inception in 2008 and has over 15 years of experience in leading the company. Before starting AlphaSense, he held positions such as Founding Chairman at BetterDoctor and CEO & Co-Founder at Silecs, Inc. He also worked as a Senior Analyst at Morgan Stanley. Jack Kokko holds an MBA for Executives from The Wharton School, a B.Sc. in Finance from Helsingin Kauppakorkeakoulu, and an MSEE in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oulu.

Raj Neervannan, CTO

Raj Neervannan is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Founder of AlphaSense. He is an experienced technology executive, serial entrepreneur, and angel investor with a track record of building and scaling high-growth startups. Raj Neervannan has been with AlphaSense since its early days in 2008 and has over 14 years of experience in leading the company’s technology initiatives. Prior to AlphaSense, he held positions such as CTO, ePolicy Solutions – Insurity Division at ChoicePoint, Inc., CTO, VP at ePolicy Solutions, and Lead Corporate/Chief Architect at Zettaworks. Raj Neervannan holds an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School, an MS in Computer Science from Bowling Green State University, and an MS in Mathematics from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani.

Kiva Kolstein, CRO

Kiva Kolstein is the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at AlphaSense. He is an experienced senior executive with over 25 years of experience in building and leading high-performance revenue organizations. Kiva Kolstein is known for his ability to drive revenue growth, operational excellence, and customer-focused strategies. He excels in global sales management, general management, enterprise solution selling, global account management, and executive-level relationship building. Kiva Kolstein has a strong background in sales planning, forecasting, product development, and strategy. His expertise includes negotiation, public speaking, and process improvement leadership.

Melissa Sargeant, CMO

Melissa Sargeant is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at AlphaSense. She is a forward-thinking and strategic marketing leader with a proven track record of driving sales and profitability for startups and industry leaders. Melissa Sargeant has extensive experience in marketing diverse technologies with a special emphasis on global B2B SaaS. She is recognized for her ability to identify market trends, align sales and marketing strategies, and generate significant growth. Melissa Sargeant has achieved notable results such as rebuilding the marketing function at ChannelAdvisor and driving digital marketing transformations at various companies. Her expertise spans go-to-market strategy, content marketing, digital demand generation, product marketing, sales enablement, and marketing automation.

These key positions at AlphaSense demonstrate a strong leadership team with expertise in technology, revenue generation, and marketing strategies.

Organizational Insights

The company is constantly innovating, and its employees are encouraged to actively imagine and contribute to its pioneering edge of technology. Alphasense is highly rated on Glassdoor with 3.8 on 5 stars. The organization has been lauded for its diversity and its culture on the website. While work is taken seriously at AlphaSense, the company also emphasizes the importance of having fun and creating an enjoyable work environment for its employees. This outlook of Alphasense made it one of the best places to work in Boston, awarded by Built In.

One of the key aspects of the company’s culture is its commitment to employee well-being. AlphaSense offers a range of perks and benefits to support its employees. This includes comprehensive healthcare benefits such as Flexible Spending Account, Disability Insurance, Vision Benefits, Life Insurance, Health Insurance Benefits, and even Pet Insurance. Retirement benefits and equity benefits are also provided, demonstrating the company’s commitment to rewarding its employees for their contributions.

AlphaSense understands the importance of work-life balance and provides generous vacation policies, including paid time off, holidays, and sick days. The company believes that employees perform their best when they have time to rest and recharge. Additionally, AlphaSense fosters a sense of community and camaraderie through company meals, including perks like Beer on Tap, Stocked Kitchen, Company Outings, and Happy Hours. These activities contribute to a positive work environment and encourage collaboration among employees.

Furthermore, AlphaSense prioritizes the personal and professional growth of its employees. The company offers professional development opportunities and encourages a culture of learning and continuous improvement. Employees are supported in their career journeys and provided with flexible work arrangements. AlphaSense also recognizes and celebrates achievements, creating an environment where employees feel valued and appreciated for their contributions.

In conclusion, AlphaSense has cultivated an organizational culture that is focused on innovation, collaboration, employee well-being, and growth.

Board Members

Brian Hirsch is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Tribeca Venture Partners, based in NYC. He is an experienced investor and has served on the boards of various companies. He is currently a Board Member and Investor at Circuit, a Board Member & Investor at Loyal, a Board Member & Investor at Crafty, and an Investor at TireTutor. In addition, he is a Board Observer & Investor at Procurated. Brian has a BA in Economics and American Studies from Brandeis University.

Richard Leggett, another board member of AlphaSense, is an accomplished and entrepreneurial global executive in the information, financial services, and professional services industries. He has over 33 years of experience and a proven track record in growing and running a global business and start-up investing. He has held several global leadership roles, including CEO of three private equity-backed information and advisory services companies (led two successful exits), Head of a major global division of a publicly traded data and analytics company, Managing Director in both equity research and investment banking at Goldman Sachs (NY and London), and Senior Manager at Accenture. Richard is also a Board Member of K Street Capital, a rapidly growing Washington D.C. angel investment group that he helped start in 2012. He is a regular guest lecturer at the University of Maryland Smith School of Business.



Alphabet’s CapitalG, a growth equity fund, led a $100 million funding round in AlphaSense at a valuation of $1.8 billion. AlphaSense is a market intelligence and search platform that competes with financial data companies like Bloomberg and FactSet. The investment from CapitalG will support AlphaSense in incorporating large language models into its products. CapitalG focuses on growth-stage companies and provides capital and expertise to help remarkable leaders accelerate the growth of their businesses. The fund leverages a dedicated in-house growth team and Google’s world-class expertise to guide entrepreneurs through the shift from start-up to scale-up.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management

AlphaSense announced a $225 million Series D financing round, with the Growth Equity business within Goldman Sachs Asset Management leading the investment. The financing round also included Viking Global Investors. The funding valued AlphaSense at $1.7 billion, nearly doubling its valuation from the previous Series C funding round of $180 million in September 2021, which was also led by Goldman Sachs and Viking Global. Goldman Sachs Asset Management is the primary investing area within Goldman Sachs, providing investment and advisory services to leading institutions, financial advisors, and individuals. With a global network and tailored expert insights, the firm oversees over $2 trillion in assets under supervision worldwide as of December 31, 2022. Goldman Sachs Asset Management combines traditional and alternative investments and focuses on long-term performance.

The Viking Global Foundation

The Viking Global Foundation, associated with Viking Global Investors, participated in AlphaSense’s $225 million Series D financing round led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management. The Viking Global Foundation supports philanthropic initiatives while engaging and educating Vikings about philanthropy. Viking Global Investors, as a growth equity firm, participated in the funding round to support AlphaSense’s growth and market intelligence platform.


AlphaSense recently announced a $225 million Series D financing round, and funds and/or accounts managed by BlackRock made a substantial debt investment. BlackRock is a leading provider of investment, advisory, and risk management solutions globally. With a focus on fiduciary duty to its clients, BlackRock invests for the future on behalf of its clients, inspires its employees, and supports local communities.

Key Milestones

  • In April 2023, AlphaSense raised $100M in funding led by Alphabet’s CapitalG to fuel innovation in AI and market intelligence. This investment helped the company to expand its capabilities in AI and data analytics, improve its platform, and expand its services to meet the needs of its clients.

  • In April 2023, AlphaSense was listed on Forbes AI 50, which recognizes the most promising private companies in the field of AI. This recognition highlights AlphaSense’s advanced AI capabilities and its position as a leader in the market intelligence industry.

  • In September 2022, AlphaSense opened a new office in Frankfurt as part of its global growth strategy. This expansion helped the company to better serve its clients in Europe and strengthen its presence in the region.

  • In May 2022, AlphaSense completed its acquisition of Sentieo, a financial intelligence platform designed for the research needs of investors. This acquisition helped AlphaSense to strengthen its position in the market intelligence industry and expand its client base

  • In April 2022, AlphaSense added CFRA as the latest contributor to its Wall Street Insights® platform, which provides clients with real-time access to analyst research and insights. This addition helped AlphaSense to enhance its platform’s research capabilities and provide clients with more comprehensive insights.

  • AlphaSense Taps Industry Veteran Melissa Sargeant as Chief Marketing Officer (2022)

  • Goldman Sachs Appoints AlphaSense as the Exclusive Distributor of its Aftermarket Research (2022)

News and Press Releases

  • 11 Apr, 2023: AlphaSense to scale product development, hiring with new $100mn funding (Read)

  • April 11, 2023: AlphaSense valued at $1.8 billion after CapitalG-backed fundraise (Read)

  • June 15, 2022 – AlphaSense’s Valuation Jumps to $1.7 Billion with $225 Million Series D Led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Viking Global (Read)

  • January 10, 2022 – AlphaSense Adds William Blair as Latest Contributor to Wall Street Insights® (WSI) (Read)


Semrush Analysis

Semrush provides insights and solutions for companies to build, manage, and measure campaigns across various marketing channels. Using Semrush’s domain analytics tool, we analyzed AlphaSense’s website against its competitors in terms of organic search traffic, keywords, and backlinks. The results showed that AlphaSense has a lower estimated monthly organic search traffic than its competitors, including Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. However, AlphaSense has a higher number of backlinks than its competitors.

Klue Analysis

Klue is an AI-powered Competitive Intelligence platform designed to help product marketers and CI teams collect, curate, and deliver actionable competitor insights. Klue enables sales teams to access competitor insights from external and internal sources, making it easy for them to win more business. AlphaSense competes with Klue in terms of providing competitive intelligence, but AlphaSense focuses more on financial research, while Klue caters to a broader range of industries.

Meltwater Analysis

Meltwater provides media intelligence and social media monitoring solutions for PR, communications, and marketing professionals. Meltwater enables clients to monitor and analyze media and social media coverage, track outreach, and discover influencers and communities driving social conversations. AlphaSense does not provide social media monitoring solutions like Meltwater, and it focuses more on financial research.

Forethought Analysis

Forethought is an AI platform that helps transform customer service. It uses AI-powered technology to improve customer service interactions, making them more efficient and effective. While AlphaSense and Forethought operate in different markets, they both use AI to provide solutions to their customers.

ZoomInfo SalesOS Analysis

ZoomInfo SalesOS is a go-to-market platform for B2B companies that provides insights, intelligence, and purchasing intent data about companies and contacts. It also offers conversation intelligence, sales engagement, and data orchestration tools to help sales teams engage with prospects and customers. AlphaSense does not provide sales engagement and data orchestration tools like ZoomInfo SalesOS.

AlphaSense competes with different companies in different areas, but its main competitors in financial research are Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. AlphaSense has a lower estimated monthly organic search traffic than its competitors, but it has a higher number of backlinks.

Corporate Responsibility

The organization strives to balance its business objectives with the interests of its stakeholders, including its employees, customers, investors, and the communities in which they operate.

Environmental Responsibility

AlphaSense recognizes the importance of minimizing its environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. They implemented a number of initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and conserve natural resources. 

Social Responsibility

AlphaSense is committed to promoting a diverse, inclusive, and respectful workplace culture that values and respects the contributions of all employees. It strives to create a workplace that fosters collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning. The company provides equal opportunities for all employees regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

Governance Responsibility

AlphaSense adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical business practices. It believes that its commitment to transparency, accountability, and integrity is essential to building trust with our stakeholders.