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Established in 2012, Altimetrik is a pure-play digital business company, that empowers its clients to unlock opportunity and growth with greater consistency, speed, and scale. Serving as both a catalyst and strategic partner, the company drives outcomes with its proven Digital Business Methodology (DBM) and Digital Business Platform (DBP).

Altimetrik’s Digital Business Methodology (DBM) represents a comprehensive, business-centric approach to creating greater agility, robust engineering rigor, and seamless collaboration without disruption to the business. It opens the door for the single source of truth (SSOT) and data democratization empowering users to leverage data in more effective ways with advanced tools like AI/ML. Companies from Fortune 500 to startups are increasingly engaging with Altimetrik to boost revenue, improve margins, and deliver simple, effective experiences for their customers. Complementing the DBM, the Digital Business Platform (DBP) serves as a cloud-based, self-service platform with end-to-end automation that enforces the principles of the DBM. 

Altimetrik prides itself on being innovative, inclusive, and interconnected. The company upholds values such as accountability, ownership, customer centricity, and flawless execution in all aspects of its operations to ensure customer success. It blends world-class business solutions with a diverse culture and a strong commitment to communities. 

In 2023, Altimetrik released Digital Business Methodology: Growth Code, a book that offers companies a step-by-step guide on how to implement DBM to achieve rapid scalable growth through incremental approaches. The company’s founder and executive chairman, Raj Vattikuti, also co-authored with renowned executive consultant Ram Charan Digital Simplified and Digital Leader to help businesses and CEOs unlock technology innovation through digital business solutions. 

Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, with offices around the world, the company boasts a team of over 5,500 practitioners with expertise in AI/ML, DevOps, Product Engineering, Platform Engineering, Data Engineering, and Advanced Analytics, among others.

Key Products

Agile Transformation

Altimetrik recognizes the importance of adopting agile practices for rapid transformation. Their approach focuses on People, Processes, and Tools to drive optimal digital business outcomes. By implementing disciplined agile methodologies, Altimetrik helps clients streamline their operations, improve collaboration, and deliver products and services more efficiently.

Data & Analytics

The company emphasizes the importance of having a single source of truth (SSOT) through a central enterprise data repository. This approach provides a comprehensive view of a business and its customers, enabling data-driven decision-making. Altimetrik leverages AI/ML tools to extract insights from data, driving growth and profitability. Their approach involves Investigators, Builders, and Story-Tellers who work together to uncover valuable insights and translate them into actionable strategies.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

To ensure the reliability of digital services, Altimetrik promotes the adoption of Site Reliability Engineering practices. By bringing together business, development, and operations teams, Altimetrik enables a shift-left approach to system observability, availability, resiliency, and automation. This engineering-centric approach allows organizations to operate at scale and deliver critical business capabilities effectively.

Information Security

They assist technology teams in establishing security controls, adopting DevSecOps methodologies, and migrating to secure public cloud platforms. Altimetrik’s security solutions provide real-time feedback loops, dynamic guardrails, and key accelerators such as IT Agility and Optimization, Penetration Testing as a Service (PTAAS), Threat Modeling and Risk Analysis, and Shift Left and Shift Everywhere strategies.


By developing scalable DevSecOps solutions, Altimetrik optimizes processes, simplifies engineering environments, automates governance approvals, and enables end-to-end orchestration. This fosters a continuous learning culture, accelerates engineering velocity, improves developer experience, and enhances release predictability.

Product Engineering

Altimetrik’s product engineering capabilities encompass design, omnichannel integration, and cloud-native development. Their global team of skilled professionals, with a focus on engineering excellence and a proven track record, collaborates to build award-winning platforms and applications. Altimetrik’s comprehensive product bootstrapping approach enables the creation of engaging and scalable applications that perform optimally in cloud environments.

Cloud Engineering

Their cloud engineering practice is designed to help organizations adopt modern cloud practices, optimize engineering and operations maturity, and leverage cloud-based services for enhanced productivity, security, reliability, and scalability. Altimetrik’s expertise in partner cloud strategy and implementation enables clients to leverage the cloud effectively.

Salesforce Partnership

As a trusted Salesforce Partner, Altimetrik collaborates with Salesforce in the product engineering space to support customers in their digital transformation journeys. Their team of Salesforce-certified practitioners leverages expertise in customer-centric Salesforce solutions, MuleSoft API integrations, and Tableau CRM solutions. Altimetrik’s focus on the customer 360-degree experience helps organizations unlock the full potential of the Salesforce platform.

Customer Insights

The majority of customers praised Altimetrik for delivering high-quality services. Many highlighted the company’s expertise in digital transformation and its ability to understand and address complex business challenges. Customers mentioned that Altimetrik’s solutions were effective in improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, and driving future business growth.

Moreover, the customers consistently mentioned the professionalism of Altimetrik’s team. They appreciated the knowledge and skills of the company’s professionals, who were seen as valuable partners in the digital transformation journey. Reviewers often mentioned that Altimetrik’s team members brought relevant experience to suit their problems and a team of qualified professionals.

Altimetrik’s emphasis on innovation and agility resonated well with customers. Many reviews highlighted the company’s ability to deliver efficient results quickly through innovative and curious approaches. Customers also praised Altimetrik’s precise solutions, which were perceived as cutting-edge and transformative. The company’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and adjusting to industry trends was consistently praised by customers.

Several customers expressed their satisfaction with Altimetrik by highlighting their long-term partnerships with the company. These customers valued the ongoing support and collaboration provided by Altimetrik even after the completion of initial projects. Altimetrik’s ability to build strong relationships and act as a trusted advisor was consistently mentioned as a key differentiator.


  • of sites worldwide: 22

  • Number of employees across the globe: 5500+

  • New clients added to 2022 portfolio: 27

  • Altimetrik organization has grown 38% over the last two years

  • 10+ industry verticals are served

Ratings and Commentary

The organization’s strength lies in its dedicated team of over 5,500 practitioners specializing in software, data, and cloud engineering. This diverse workforce fosters a culture of innovation and agility, enabling Altimetrik to deliver optimized team performance and modernize technology effectively. The company’s focus on a product-oriented approach and digital business methodology allows for the development, scaling, and rapid launch of new products to the market.

Altimetrik benefits from the significant size of the market it operates in. With 22 locations across various regions and a global expansion since its establishment, the company has successfully positioned itself as a strategic partner and catalyst for businesses seeking digital transformation. The extensive market reach and presence provide Altimetrik with opportunities for growth and further establishing itself as a leading player in the industry.

Product quality is another strength of Altimetrik. The company’s expertise in DevOps, Product Engineering, Platform Engineering, Data Engineering, Cloud, and Advanced Analytics allows them to deliver high-quality solutions to clients. This emphasis on delivering outcomes quickly highlights the organization’s commitment to customer success.

With the support of Raj B. Vattikuti, the Executive Chairman, and Raj Sundaresan, the Chief Executive Officer, the company has the leadership and guidance necessary to make decisions and steer the ship effectively. Their expertise and experience in the industry play a crucial role in driving Altimetrik’s success. Altimetrik faces threats from rival businesses like Lifeforce Capital and, but overall opinion is positive as a result of the company’s solid positioning, high-caliber products, and wide market reach.

Altimetrik's Video

Key Executives

Raj Vattikuti, Executive Chairman

With a strong belief in the transformative power of both technology and talent, Raj established Altimetrik in 2012 with the vision of creating a global company that accelerates digital transformation for influential organizations worldwide. Raj’s entrepreneurial journey extends beyond Altimetrik, as he has also supported leading global players in various industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, retail, travel & hospitality, and financial services. Additionally, Raj founded the Vattikuti Foundation in 1997, a non-profit organization that serves communities in Michigan and India. Through the foundation, Raj has established institutes focused on urology, breast diagnostics, and initiatives to alleviate poverty.

Raj Sundaresan, CEO

His primary responsibility at Altimetrik is to lead and execute the company’s growth strategy. Raj is focused on scaling offerings in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, strengthening customer-centricity, and fostering an open culture of innovation to attract and nurture talent. Prior to joining Altimetrik, Raj held prominent roles in technology teams at Visa, eBay, and PayPal. Notably, he successfully led the scaling of global product development teams and the establishment of development centers in different countries. At Visa, Raj oversaw the launch of groundbreaking products such as Visa Checkout, Visa Token Service, and various mobile payment platforms.

Jeffrey Fleischman, CMO

Jeffrey Fleischman is an accomplished senior executive with a distinguished career spanning over 35 years in the financial services, banking, insurance, and e-commerce industries. As the Chief Marketing Officer at Altimetrik, Jeff leads the company’s brand, marketing, public relations, and communications functions. Prior to joining Altimetrik, he held significant leadership positions at prominent organizations such as Penn Mutual, Blue Panda Interactive, TIAA-CREF, Citi, Monster Worldwide, American Express, and Chase Bank. Jeff is passionate about crafting innovative, customer-centric business strategies that leverage data, technology, and design.

Anil Somani, CTO, US West

As the Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) for the US West region at Altimetrik, Anil is responsible for expanding existing customer relationships and exploring new partnerships. His focus lies in driving digital and talent transformation internally and externally for Altimetrik’s customers. Anil’s prior experience includes leading Digital and Mobile Product Development at Visa, where he played a key role in the development of groundbreaking payment technologies such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, along with Visa Checkout and tokenization. He has also been involved in various engagement, transformation, and innovation initiatives, and holds patents related to the application of Blockchain technologies in financial services.

Organizational Insights

Based on the available Glassdoor reviews and the Great Place to Work Survey, Altimetrik Corp. currently holds a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars and a 93% approval rate, respectively. The ratings can be attributed to the recurring mention of the positive and collaborative work culture at Altimetrik, highlighting the company’s commitment to trust, innovation, and community engagement. Altimetrik’s unique employee culture is built around several key aspects that define its working environment. These aspects include Delivering Client Success, Personal Growth & Development, Practitioner-Led Engineering Philosophy, Continuous Learning & Upskilling, People First Culture. The company prioritizes its people, fostering a culture of inclusion, global reach, and success.

Employees also appreciate the opportunities for personal and professional growth, including access to diverse projects and learning resources. This holistic culture is fostered through programs like WINGS and Rebound which provides their female employees with a plethora of resources and opportunities. 92 % of their employees appreciate the company’s emphasis on the importance of staying updated with industry trends and providing resources, training, and support for employees to enhance their skills and capabilities.

Altimetrik is reported to provide employees with best-in-class benefits and recognition programs. 95% of their employees consider Altimetric a better workplace than the average workplace due to multiple benefits like work-life balance, various programs and initiatives, opportunities for professional advancement, and upward mobility within the organization. The company also fosters an attractive and rewarding culture.

The company also fosters an inclusive work culture by bringing in practitioners from diverse backgrounds. Employees appreciate Altimetriks’ diversity policies because they help them innovate and create new products while working alongside a skilled cohort of diverse professionals.

Board Members

Jacques Nasser

As an Altimetrik strategic advisor and board member, Jacques Nasser brings a wealth of experience to the company. He has served in various leadership roles throughout his career, including as the chairman of BHP Billiton and the president and CEO of Ford Motor Company. With his extensive knowledge in the automotive and private equity sectors, Nasser’s insights and guidance contribute to Altimetrik’s strategic direction. Additionally, his board memberships in prominent organizations such as Fox Corporation and Koc Holdings further demonstrate his industry expertise.

Manoj Singh

With a diverse background in consulting and advisory roles, Manoj Singh is a valuable strategic advisor for Altimetrik. Having held leadership positions at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd (Deloitte Global) and serving on the boards of several public and private companies, Singh brings a deep understanding of mergers and acquisitions, enterprise cost management, and technology-driven growth strategies. His advisory services extend to educational nonprofits and he has received recognition for his contributions to academia. Singh’s broad experience and international business acumen greatly benefit Altimetrik’s strategic decision-making.

Scott Walker

As a strategic advisor for Altimetrik, Scott Walker leverages his extensive experience in the healthcare industry to provide valuable insights. With a background in finance and leadership roles at Aetna and Clarity Software Solutions, Walker understands the importance of effective communication in improving health outcomes and member engagement. His expertise in managing finance and legal functions, coupled with a focus on healthcare consumer needs, enables him to contribute to Altimetrik’s strategic initiatives in the healthcare domain.

George Zoghbi

George Zoghbi, as a strategic advisor to Altimetrik, brings a deep understanding of the consumer packaged goods industry to the table. With his previous experience as the Chief Operating Officer of Kraft Heinz and various leadership roles at Kraft Foods Inc., Zoghbi has successfully led business turnarounds, driven sustainable growth and played a pivotal role in mergers and acquisitions. His knowledge of global markets and expertise in building strong leadership teams and executing focused strategies make him a valuable asset for Altimetrik’s strategic decision-making. Additionally, his board memberships at The Kraft Heinz Company and Brambles Limited further demonstrate his industry influence and insight.

Key Milestones

  • 2022 – Altimetrik achieves SAFe® Gold Partner status: The company got certified as a Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) Gold Partner. This will help them leverage expertise and resources to advise and support global clients in implementing digital business initiatives through lean-agile transformations at scale.

  • 2022 – Recognition in Inc.’s 2022 Best in Business List in Business Services: Altimetrik was honored as a company that has made an extraordinary impact on its field and society. The award highlights Altimetrik’s achievements and contributions in the business services sector.

  • 2022 – Launch of Altimetrik DEX employee engagement app: Altimetrik introduced the employee engagement app called Altimetrik DEX. Some of its features are usage-based personalization, AI, and gamification to drive engagement.

  • 2022 – Inclusion in Inc.’s Inaugural Power Partner Awards: Recognition in the roundup of B2B partners supporting startups across all business functions. They received an acknowledgment of Altimetrik’s role in empowering growth and facilitating startup success.

News and Press Releases

  • November 10, 2022 – Altimetrik Releases DEX App for Employee Engagement (Read)

  • November 9, 2022 – Altimetrik’s DEX Employee Engagement App Enables Empowered, Committed, and Energized Talent (Read)

  • September 2, 2022 – Altimetrik Lands in Costa Rica With Fully Remote Work Model (Read)

  • June 2, 2022 – Altimetrik inaugurates its 24,000 sq. ft. swanky office in Chennai (Read)

  • January 12, 2022 – Altimetrik expands operational footprint across India: Talent strength to increase to 6,000+ by end of 2022 (Read)


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MobileCause offers a comprehensive engagement platform tailored to nonprofits, helping them attract and retain donors through effective fundraising strategies. With a range of features specifically designed for year-round fundraising, events, and donor management, MobileCause empowers organizations to inspire recurring donations. In this 30-minute session, participants will explore the events-focused features provided by MobileCause, which can support various types of events, including in-person, hybrid, or virtual, throughout the year.

Corporate Responsibility

Altimetrik is a technology solutions company committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. They launched WINGS on International Women’s Day 2021. WINGS is a grassroots movement that aims to create an inclusive and supportive environment for women to thrive in the workplace. The program addresses various aspects of women’s careers and personal lives by providing resources, networking opportunities, support groups, and leadership development. Altimetrik recognizes the importance of gender diversity and works towards empowering women in their professional journeys.

Rebound is another program under Altimetrik’s Global Diversity initiative, specifically designed to provide opportunities for women who want to re-enter the tech industry after a career break. This comprehensive program offers technical boot camps, mentoring sessions, interpersonal skills training, leadership connections, and more. By empowering women to update their technical knowledge and skills, Altimetrik aims to unlock their true potential and help them fulfill their professional aspirations.

Altimetrik’s Stride program focuses on creating a diverse and inclusive culture within the organization by promoting equality, respect, and fairness. Stride encourages employees to embrace their unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, leading to better problem-solving, decision-making, and innovative solutions. This program fosters a sense of belonging and empowers employees to contribute to their full potential.

Their NCG program hires fresh tech talent from colleges and universities. By welcoming new graduates, Altimetrik provides them with opportunities to learn and grow in a fast-paced environment as tech professionals. This program not only fosters innovation and creativity but also contributes to the professional development of young individuals entering the workforce.

The company also actively engages in community involvement through various programs and partnerships like Collider. It is a program that connects passionate software professionals with digital business leaders. By bringing these individuals together, Altimetrik aims to foster collaboration, facilitate the exchange of ideas, and build meaningful relationships. Collider serves as a platform for innovation and creative problem-solving, contributing to the growth of both individuals and the community.

D-Cult is another community engagement program by Altimetrik. Through D-Cult, the company collaborates with diverse groups and organizations to explore new ideas and promote cultural diversity. This initiative celebrates the richness of different cultures and encourages cross-cultural understanding within the organization and beyond.

Altimetrik’s Impact program focuses on leveraging technology for positive social impact. By partnering with organizations and individuals passionate about making a difference, Altimetrik seeks to address societal challenges and create lasting change. This program aligns with Altimetrik’s commitment to using its resources and expertise to improve the lives of millions.