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The Altimetrik journey began in 2012 when Raj Vattikuti created the company to challenge the conventional approach to how businesses develop digital products and to deliver quick, lasting results. Many companies are stuck in their digital enablement efforts, lacking the ability to harness the power of data and technology. Over the past decade Altimetrik has helped clients get unstuck by rethinking the typical cumbersome big bang approach prone to falling short of expectations. Altimetrik debunks the myth that building a digital business is expensive, complex, and takes too long by taking a collaborative end-to-end approach while delivering quick bite-size outcomes.

This approach has led to consistent double digit revenue growth and a growing list of top global brands the company is proud to call clients. Fueled by a strong global need for digital business enablement, demand has sharply accelerated as companies of all sizes respond to customers’ increasing appetite for digital products and services. With development centers across the globe and over 5,500 energized practitioners, Altimetrik partners with leading Fortune 500 companies, mid-size firms, and startups alike to increase their agility, power continuous innovation and rapid experimentation that accelerates growth and profitability.


Key Products

Digital Products & Platform Engineering: Our Digital Practitioners, Designers and Engineers help customers from ideation through production and beyond by embracing efficient design and product engineering rigor throughout the digital product engineering lifecycle. We follow an outcome driven Agile methodology that suits our client needs to deliver incremental, bite-sized outcomes, helping customers accelerate:

1. Product roadmap execution

2. Platform modernization

3. Architecture assessment

4. Highly scalable Digital Platforms to transform businesses 


Data Engineering, Visualization and Advanced Analytics: Delivering business outcomes by bringing relevant data sources, creating single sources of truth, identifying key attributes, and building ML and AI algorithms to deliver iterative outcomes.

1. Analyze existing data and pipelines and identify gaps

2. Propose, design and engineer data pipelines to connect various relevant data sources and identify key attributes

3. Derive insights through advanced analytics, ML, AI, and visualization


Digital Enablement Practice: Our digital enablement practitioners collaborate with business, technology and operations stakeholders to define the most optimal digital ecosystem focused on simplifying the engineering experience while enabling automated governance frameworks to eliminate friction points. Our pragmatic approach optimizes existing workflows, brings awareness and alignment across teams, and assists in building solutions that scale for enterprise adoption. We bring extensive expertise in the following domains:

1. Business and Organizational Agility

2. DevSecOps as a Service (Dynamic Smart Pipelines)

3. Multi-Cloud Architecture, Engineering, Migration Factories, and FinOps

4. In-Sprint Testing Frameworks and Test Automation Frameworks

5. Security Testing as a Service (Application and System Security Testing)

6. Business Journey Observability with Self-Healing Capabilities

Key Executives

Raj Vattikuti, Founder/Executive Chairman

A philanthropist and serial entrepreneur with a string of successful enterprises, Vattikuti believes companies make a difference not only by leveraging or introducing new technologies but also by attracting, assessing, and transforming talent within their organizations.

Raj Sundaresan, Chief Executive Officer

Sundaresan, a seasoned technology and business leader with extensive experience cultivating successful product development teams around the globe, jump-started Altimetrik’s growth streak during a three-year period as Chief Operations Officer before taking the top job.

Noel Samuel, Chief of Finance & Corporate Development

Samuel brings 30 years of financial and operational leadership experience in fast-paced, technology-infused, and disruptive organizations with a strong track record of creating significant shareholder value through transformations, turnarounds, and growth.

Jeffrey Fleischman, Chief Marketing Officer

An accomplished senior executive with more than 35 years of success in financial services, banking, insurance, and ecommerce, Fleischman has helped Altimetrik grow the company’s brand, marketing and public relations capabilities, social media, lead gen, and overall communication functions.

Corporate Responsibility

Altimetrik embraces a diverse and inclusive culture. It is a minority-owned company that has grown rapidly over the last few years as demand for digital business initiatives has increased. As the company has more than doubled its headcount and global footprint since 2019, it has also become a leader in DEI by focusing on its gender diversity mandate to create a positive workplace where and attract more women can contribute to the company’s growth.

Recognizing the unique career challenges facing women, Altimetrik designed the Women’s Initiative for Networking, Growing, and Success, or WINGS, to be a support network of women, by women, and for women working at the company. Rebound, Altimetrik’s back-to-work program for women, represents another innovative program of supporting women on a career break. Rebound helps experienced women technologists resume their career journey with step-by-step support, technical training, and interpersonal skills development. Women on a career break between six months and three years who have prior coding experience are eligible for the program. Goals include:

  • Hiring targets for senior women executives

  • Converting 80% of part-time women employees to full-time roles through diversity initiatives

  • Collaborating with diversity partners to boost the overall inclusion agenda

Altimetrik also demonstrated leadership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, making major donations across two continents to support their employees and the communities in which they live and work. Through the Vattikuti Foundation, created by Altimetrik Founder and Executive Chairman Raj Vattikuti, Altimetrik continues to be responsive to the needs of local communities as well as innovators, especially in the field of robotic surgery, with an overarching mission of improving human life.