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BambooHR is a US-based tech firm that offers software-as-a-service solutions for human resources. It was established in 2008 by Ben Peterson and Ryan Sanders, and its headquarters are located in Lindon, Utah and currently has a total of 1382 employees.

Their objective of liberating individuals to excel in their work remains a guiding principle of the company. They empower human resources professionals, employees, and organizations worldwide by simplifying complex procedures and streamlining time-consuming tasks. This enables them to dedicate their attention to supporting their workforce, flourishing in their positions and expanding their businesses.

To ensure customer success, BambooHR serves as an HR partner by offering friendly implementation, support, and a comprehensive range of learning and training resources.

By providing real solutions and a wealth of learning materials, BambooHR strives to support its customers at every stage of their journey, from initial product implementation to deepening expertise and strategic utilization of the software.

Key Products

Here are just some of the many features offered by BambooHR which enable the creation of a supportive and high-performing work environment for all their customers: 

Integrates every HR-related need onto one platform

BambooHR consolidates best-in-class solutions, capabilities, and integrations into a unified platform, eliminating the challenges posed by siloed systems, disconnected workflows, and separate sources of employee data. With a single source of data, it offers a comprehensive range of functionalities. Users can efficiently manage employee data, gain valuable insights, attract and onboard top talent, simplify payroll and benefits management, and measure employee experience and performance. The platform also provides pre-built integrations for connecting with additional tools. Furthermore, BambooHR constantly evolves by introducing new features and integrations, ensuring it remains a valuable, customizable, and all-encompassing solution for HR needs.

HR Data and Reporting

BambooHR serves as the central hub for data management and insights, with a strong focus on the employee record. Beyond mere organization, BambooHR empowers users with powerful reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling data to work for them. By migrating HR databases away from scattered spreadsheets and paper files, BambooHR ensures that organized and centralized data is readily accessible whenever needed. This shift eliminates the need for manual searching and provides users with quick and efficient access to the information they require, revolutionizing the way HR data is managed and utilized.

Hiring and Oboarding

BambooHR streamlines talent acquisition and onboarding processes, enabling organizations to find, evaluate, hire, and onboard the right candidates efficiently. Its recruiting software keeps applicant information organized, facilitating a focused approach to finding the best talent and delivering a positive candidate experience. Additionally, BambooHR simplifies compliant offboarding with checklists and automation, allowing HR professionals to concentrate on individuals rather than administrative tasks.

Employee Experience and Performance

BambooHR is dedicated to fostering a transparent and communicative environment, promoting growth and a positive employee experience. With BambooHR’s Employee Satisfaction tool, organizations can identify and address workforce challenges collaboratively, creating an informed plan for improvement. Additionally, BambooHR’s performance appraisal software focuses on actionable performance management by utilizing concise, targeted questions that minimize subjectivity and speculation.

Customer Insights

According to G2, BambooHR rated 4.5 out of 5 stars based on over 1000 customer reviews. 70% of these customers rated BambooHR an impressive 5 stars.

Customers highly appreciate the user-friendly interface of BambooHR, as it offers a straightforward and intuitive layout. With everything clearly laid out and easily accessible at the click of a button, users find it remarkably convenient. They particularly admire the fact that all the necessary features and information are consolidated in one place, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple systems or applications. This streamlines their workflow and saves valuable time.

In the context of the hiring process, BambooHR has proven to be an invaluable tool for customers. It provides them with the necessary functionalities and resources to efficiently manage and streamline the entire process. From posting job listings and collecting applications to scheduling interviews and conducting evaluations, BambooHR offers comprehensive solutions that simplify and optimize the hiring workflow.

Moreover, customers praise BambooHR for its exceptional customer service. In cases where a desired feature may be missing from the software, the customer service team proves to be highly responsive and open to feedback. They actively engage with users, taking their suggestions into consideration and often implementing new features based on user requests.

Apart from its user-friendly interface and responsive customer service, BambooHR is also praised for its affordability. It offers a cost-effective solution for organizations of various sizes, making it accessible to businesses with different budgets.

Customers also appreciate the versatility of BambooHR’s open-source API, which allows seamless integration with other software applications. This integration capability enables users to connect BambooHR with their existing systems and tools, further streamlining their processes and promoting data consistency across different platforms.

To facilitate the transition and ensure a smooth onboarding experience, BambooHR provides comprehensive training resources. These include online videos that offer step-by-step guidance on using the software effectively, as well as a helpful and knowledgeable Customer Service team who readily assist with any queries or issues that may arise. The combination of easily accessible training materials and dedicated support contributes to a successful implementation and a positive user experience.


  • Number of employees: 1382

  • Number of companies that trust BambooHR: 30,000+

  • Number of employees using BambooHR: 2,500,000

  • Number of companies acquired: 1 (Welcome)

  • Number of investors: 1 (Sorenson Capitals)

Rating and Commentary

Under the leadership of Ben, BambooHR has achieved remarkable success and garnered widespread recognition as a leading HR software company, catering to numerous organizations globally. Additionally, Ryan Sanders’ extensive experience in both the technology and human resources domains have contributed significantly to BambooHR’s growth, enabling the company to carve a niche as an industry innovator in HR solutions.

BambooHR understands the evolving needs of organizations and is continually enhancing its offerings to provide cutting-edge solutions that streamline HR processes and empower businesses to thrive. By providing intuitive and user-friendly solutions, backed by exceptional customer support, BambooHR ensures that businesses can focus on what matters most – their people and their growth. Despite facing competition from established players like ADP, HiBob, and Paylocity, BambooHR maintains a competitive edge thanks to its dedicated and innovative team. Their commitment to superior customer support and user-friendly features allows them to stay ahead in the industry.

As an organization grows and scales, BambooHR offers the added benefit of cost savings. By adopting a human-centred approach to customer service, BambooHR ensures prompt assistance through various channels such as phone, email, or chat. Their Support Heroes, who have received comprehensive training on the entire product range, are equipped to address customer inquiries effectively, providing a seamless support experience.

In summary, BambooHR’s future is bright, driven by its unyielding commitment to making a positive impact.

BambooHR's Videos

Key Executives

Ben Peterson, Co-Founder

Ben Peterson has a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of human resources (HR). Prior to starting BambooHR in 2008, Ben worked in various HR leadership roles, gaining a deep understanding of the challenges faced by HR professionals and organizations. With his extensive HR knowledge, leadership skills, and commitment to driving positive change in the industry, Ben Peterson continues to make a significant impact on the HR community and the success of BambooHR.

Ryan Sanders, Co-Founder

Ryan Sanders, holds a key leadership position within the company. Prior to his involvement with BambooHR, he served as the Executive Vice President of Spark Networks. Ryan Sanders brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role at BambooHR, with a background in executive leadership and business management. Beyond his contributions to BambooHR, Ryan Sanders is passionate about fostering a positive work culture and supporting employee well-being. He believes in creating an environment that values transparency, collaboration, and employee empowerment.

Bradley Rencher, CEO

Bradley Rencher brings his extensive leadership experience to the company. Before joining BambooHR, he held various senior positions at Adobe, a global leader in digital media and marketing solutions, for a period of 13 years. With his extensive background in senior leadership roles and his proven track record in driving growth and innovation, Bradley Rencher brings valuable expertise to BambooHR, helping to shape the future of the company and solidify its position as a leader in the HR technology industry.

Justin Judd, CFO

Justin Judd oversees the financial operations of the company. Prior to his role at BambooHR, Justin Judd accumulated nearly 12 years of experience at Adobe, a global leader in digital media and marketing solutions. During his tenure at Adobe, Justin Judd progressively advanced through various senior roles, showcasing his financial expertise and strategic acumen. His extensive experience in financial management, planning, and analysis positions him well to lead the financial functions at BambooHR.

Organizational Insights

BambooHR has a 3.8 rating on Glassdoor, with 70% of employees recommending the company to their friends and 85% approving of the CEO, Brad Rencher. BambooHR fosters a positive work environment and emphasizes work-life balance. Employees at BambooHR highly appreciate the company’s mission and value the products they work on, finding their projects fulfilling.

The company places great importance on personal time and offers generous paid time off (PTO) and a Paid, Paid Vacation policy, allowing employees to enjoy quality time away from work. Recognizing the significance of parental leave, BambooHR provides maternity leave for mothers to recover and parental leave for new parents to bond with their children. The company goes beyond the typical 401(k) offering and actively promotes financial health through budgeting, debt management, financial planning, and financial fitness programs.

BambooHR not only cares about its employees but also values their loved ones. The company aims to enrich the lives of its employees’ families by providing meaningful benefits and support. This includes offering a range of health, dental, and vision care plans to suit individual and family needs. Life and disability insurance are also available to ensure financial security during unforeseen circumstances.

During challenging times, BambooHR supports its employees through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), offering confidential counselling, referral assistance, and more. The company prioritizes the well-being of its employees, acknowledging that their overall health is essential to their happiness and success.

In summary, BambooHR creates a positive and supportive work environment while promoting work-life balance. The company values the well-being of its employees and their families by providing comprehensive benefits, financial support, and resources to enhance their lives.

Board Members

Fraser Bullock

He currently serves as the Co-Founder & Partner at Sorenson Capital, a private equity firm. In addition to his role at Sorenson Capital, he holds several prominent positions within other organizations. He is the chairman of the board at Health Catalyst, a leading provider of data and analytics technology for healthcare organizations. Furthermore, Bullock serves as the chairman of the board at Polynesian Cultural Center. In addition to his chairmanship roles, Bullock is also a board member of BambooHR and Domo, Inc., a cloud computing and business intelligence company. Through his diverse board memberships and leadership positions, Fraser Bullock actively contributes his expertise and guidance to various organizations, spanning industries such as finance, healthcare, technology, and cultural preservation.


Sorenson Capital

Sorenson Capital is an investment firm that specializes in supporting the growth of B2B software companies. With a focus on product-leading companies, Sorenson Capital has built a reputation for partnering with high-performing entrepreneurs to help them scale their go-to-market strategies and achieve long-term success. Over nearly two decades, the firm has developed a proven playbook for supporting companies in their growth journey. They have made investments in various companies, with a total of up to 77 investments to date. Among their notable investments is BambooHR and they have played a significant role in supporting BambooHR’s growth and success as one of their lead investments.

Key Milestones

  • BambooHR Appoints Ryan Packer as its First Chief Technology Officer (2023)

  • Featured in Forbes Advisor list of the Best HR Analytics Software (2023)

  • HR Answerbox Partners with BambooHR to Streamline HR Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (2023)

  • BambooHR Announces Winners of Inaugural HR Experience Maker Award (2023)

  • Was awarded by G2 as the company easiest to do business with (2022)

News and Press Releases

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  • April 26, 2023: How do HR pros approach lay offs? Usually ‘last in, first out (Read)

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Corporate Responsibility

BambooHR engages in various corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. These include initiatives such as environmental sustainability, employee well-being programs, community involvement through volunteering and support for local nonprofits, fostering diversity and inclusion, and promoting ethical business practices.