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Bloomreach personalizes the ecommerce experience. Its data engine unifies real-time customer and product data so businesses understand what customers really want. By connecting that understanding to every channel, the ecommerce experience becomes limitless — reflecting a changing customer as they shop. Amplified by the speed and scale of Loomi, Bloomreach’s AI for ecommerce, this creates endless new paths to purchase, greater profitability, and fast business growth. Bloomreach products include: Engagement, a marketing automation platform; Discovery, an ecommerce search solution; Content, a headless CMS; and Clarity, AI-powered conversational shopping. The company has multiple AI patents and serves 1,400+ global brands including: Williams-Sonoma, Bosch, Puma, and Marks & Spencer.

Key Products

  • Engagement (marketing automation)

  • Discovery (E-commerce search and merchandising)

  • Content (headless content management system)

  • Clarity (AI-powered conversational shopping advisor)

Customer Insights

  • Customers span multiple industries: Grocery, Beauty and Fashion, Travel and Hospitality, Retail, Telco & Consumer Services 

  • Hospitality: Popeye’s UK increased their in-restaurant purchase data by 20%, which is used to power online loyalty programs 

  • Beauty: Benefit Cosmetics UK experienced a 50% higher click-through rate in a campaign launched with Engagement compared to prior campaigns launched that year

  • Retail: Sur La Table, a Bloomreach Discovery customer, experienced a boost in both search average order value (up 7.6%) and add-to-cart rate (up 6.6%)


  • Bloomreach holds over 30 patents and serves 1,400+ global brands including Williams-Sonoma, Bosch, Puma, and Marks & Spencer 

  • 33 patents for AI and e-commerce innovations

  • 900+ global employees representing more than 60 nationalities 

  • Bloomreach powers 250 million searches each days 

  • Bloomreach helps marketers execute 100K email campaigns each day 

Bloomreach's Video

  • Be Limitless with Bloomreach (Read)

  • Unlock Limitless Marketing with Bloomreach (Read)

  • Unlock Limitless Product Discovery with Bloomreach (Read)

Key Executives

  • Raj De Datta, CEO & Co-Founder

  • Christina Augustine, COO

  • Amanda Elam, CMO

  • Anirban Bardalaye, CPO

  • Ninos Sarkis, CFO

Board Members

  • Ajay Agarwal

  • Marcus Ryu

  • Ravi Viswanathan

  • Hilarie Koplow-McAdams

  • Benjamin Johnston

  • Vickie Bond Mrva


  • Bain Capital Ventures

  • Battery Ventures

  • Goldman Sachs

  • New Enterprise Associates

  • Lightspeed Venture Partners

  • Sixth Street Growth

  • Salesforce Ventures

Key Milestones

  • January 2024: Bloomreach acquired Radiance Commerce

  • August 2023: Bloomreach announced Clarity, a revolutionary conversational shopping product built for e-commerce

  • January 2023: Bloomreach announced the company has exceeded $150M in ARR

  • November 2022: Bloomreach joined the MACH Alliance

  • February 2022: Bloomreach valuation reached $2.2B in February 2022 following a $175 million investment (series F)

  • 2021: Bloomreach acquired Exponea, a marketing automation company

News and Press Releases

  • Bloomreach Announces Clarity™: The First E-Commerce AI to Connect Every Customer to Personalized, Human-Like Product Expertise — Anytime, Anywhere (Read)

  • Bloomreach Turbocharges Innovation in AI for E-Commerce With the Acquisition of Radiance Commerce (Read)

  • Bloomreach Offers New Feature and Expert Guidance for Marketers Navigating New Google and Yahoo Email Sender Requirements (Read)

  • Bloomreach Earns Recognition in G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards for Marketing, Content Management, and Commerce Product (Read)

  • Bloomreach Named to 2023 List of the Highest-Rated Cloud-Computing Companies to Work For (Read)

  • With Real-time Segments for Bloomreach Discovery, Merchandisers Can Now Connect Even More Customers With the Products They Want to See (Read)


  • Klaivyo

  • Braze

  • Algolia

Corporate Responsibility

At Bloomreach, the commitment to environmental impact and sustainability is paramount. As the company endeavors to expand the positive influence of commerce on the world, mitigating negative effects remains a core focus. The operational activities of businesses increasingly contribute to environmental degradation. Bloomreach is dedicated to counteracting these consequences, ensuring a more sustainable future for the communities it serves. Given the software-centric nature of its operations, emphasis is placed on selecting environmentally conscious vendors for its SaaS offering. Collaborating with partners like the Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, Bloomreach ensures its services are powered by carbon-free, renewable energy sources. Both partners have pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, with Amazon accelerating its target to 2025. Additionally, Bloomreach is actively investing in its environmental sustainability efforts. The company has devised an environmental strategy and initiated the process of assessing its greenhouse gas emissions. Findings from this assessment will inform the establishment of reduction targets and the allocation of resources towards verified carbon offsetting projects.