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Developed for agencies by an agency, HighLevel’s goal is to help marketing professionals and agencies reach and surpass their benchmarks for success. The company believes in enhancing automation, improving communication, and boosting scalability in a consumer-friendly way, and we consistently provide future-embracing updates that exemplify these priorities. 

Their AI-powered all-in-one sales, marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM) platform offers numerous features that provide limitless opportunities to their customers. They also encourage the rebranding of their platform, offering agencies and marketers a white-labeled version that allows them to scale beyond what they ever thought possible.

With a two-year revenue growth percentage of 1,651%, HighLevel continues to grow exponentially, increasing the impact created on the tech community, the SaaS industry, and our extensive collection of 20,000+ (and climbing!) clients. At HighLevel, they measure their success by the successes of their customers and therefore prioritize optimizing their offerings in order to meet their needs. With many ground-breaking updates in the near future, they expect this growth to not only continue but to compound as time goes on.

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Key Products

  • CRM

  • Marketing Automation

  • Funnel & Website Builders with Free Templates

  • Social Media Planner

  • Reputation Management

  • AI Capabilities across the entire platform (Image AI, Funnel & Web Builder AI, Conversation AI, Social Media Planning AI)


  • 30K+ Agencies Served 

  • 523K+ Businesses Supported 

  • 622.3M+ Leads Captured

  • 9.2B + Conversations 

  • 800+ SaaS Agencies with 250 or more Locations 

  • 5 SaaSPreneurs making over $1M a month 

  • Total SaaS Agency Rev Accrued in 2023: $458,003,305.

Organizational Insights

At HighLevel, they build and innovate for their community. They listen to the customer’s feedback through their social channels and communities, support and success departments, feedback forums, regular LIVE Q&A sessions, and more.

Their product continues to improve day after day because they implement what they like to call “The Skateboard Model.” By focusing on delivering usable products to their customers, they can give them what they need (quickly) and continue to improve the product over time, using this model allows us to build the product exactly to what their community is asking for.

Aside from being customer-obsessed internally, they support and encourage team members and their continued education and professional development with internal reimbursement programs, opportunities for advancement within the company, comprehensive onboarding, and more. They are striving to hit their goal of becoming a ‘unicorn’ within the industry, and with by focusing on their community and employees, they have no doubt they’ll reach this goal in no time.

Key Milestones

  • July 2018: 5 Year Anniversary

  • Peak Investment (Read).

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