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IFS is a global enterprise software company that was founded in 1983. IFS develops and delivers cloud enterprise software for companies around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, build, and maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations. By offering industry-specific products connected to a single data model and infused with digital innovation, IFS enables its customers to streamline their operations and enhance their efficiency. 

The company serves a diverse range of industries, including Aerospace & Defense, Construction & Engineering, Energy, Utilities & Resources, Manufacturing, Service Industries, and Telecommunications. Some of IFS’s notable clients include renowned companies such as Toyota, Hyundai, China Airlines, British Sky Broadcasting, and Shanghai Metro. With a strong global presence, IFS employs over 6,000 professionals across more than 80 countries. The company’s commitment lies in delivering value at every stage to its 10,000+ customers. 

IFS places great importance on customer service, reflecting its core values of agility, trustworthiness, and collaboration. These values have contributed to IFS’s recognition as a leader and the most recommended supplier in its sector. In July 2023, IFS acquired Ultimo, a provider of cloud Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software, complementing its existing offering allowing them the ability to offer Cloud native EAM solutions that cater for every company with either complex end-to-end business needs or as a standalone point solution. The dedicated business unit within IFS focuses on delivering new product innovation, increasing investment in customer experience, and adopting a more targeted, industry-led approach to go-to-market strategies. 

Overall, IFS continues to be a prominent player in the global enterprise software market, providing tailored solutions to various industries and prioritizing customer satisfaction through its value-driven approach. 

Key Products

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 

IFS offers a comprehensive ERP solution with innovation embedded as standard, such as built-in AI. ERP in IFS Cloud is a true single solution that integrates core business processes such as manufacturing, supply chain and finance, helping to lower IT complexity, boost efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership. 

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) 

IFS offers EAM solutions for efficient asset management for different types of physical assets, encompassing asset performance management, maintenance planning, resource allocation, and asset operations, helping businesses optimize asset utilization, reduce downtime, and extend asset lifespan. 

Field Service Management 

IFS provides a solution to streamline and automate service delivery processes, including managing service requests, work orders, contracts, and service-level agreements, enhancing customer service, efficiency, and profitability. 

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) 

IFS provides ESM solutions to streamline and automate the delivery of internal services such as IT, HR, and facilities.  

Customer Insights

According to reviews on G2, Gartner Peer Insights and Capterra, IFS software has received positive feedback. Users value its flexibility, customization options, and intuitive nature. They have witnessed streamlined business operations, increased efficiency in areas like inventory and field service management, and improved project management. However, users acknowledge the software’s complexity and learning curve. 

Capterra users appreciate the software’s functionality, customization, and support, specifically highlighting its ability to manage diverse manufacturing processes on a single platform. Although setup and customization may be challenging for smaller companies, IFS is a composable solution with the possibility for companies to choose the areas of the solution that best meet their business needs. The IFS Manufacturing capability is highly recommended for its capacity to enhance manufacturing efficiency and provide better operational visibility. 

Customers have provided valuable insights into IFS software, highlighting its positive impact on their businesses. They have shared success stories of how IFS solutions have enabled digital transformation, enhanced operational efficiency, optimized resource utilization, improved customer satisfaction, and empowered better decision-making through data-driven insights.


Customer Quotes 

‘As a result of the new system, our success rate has increased by 30-40% due to the automation which enables our agents to spend more time with employees and candidates.’ – Simon Barber, Operations Manager, Contact Center, Babcock 


‘Our consistent global growth has been strongly supported by the cooperation we have had with IFS. having now also recently chosen the IFS CRM solution, we look forward to streamlining our operations even further.’ – Trond Aune, ERP Manager, Jotun 


“Building ropeways is a complicated and complex process. Over the last 15 years, IFS has become the digital backbone behind all our business processes worldwide.” – Andreas Huber, Head of Digitization & IT, Doppelmayr


“Since our IFS implementation 2 years ago, we have been able to reduce kilometers per day per technician, giving technicians more time to focus on repairing devices instead of driving around, also reducing our fuel costs.” – Jelle Coppens, Business Process Expert, Service Operations, Electrolux Group BeNeLux


  • Growth rate: IFS has been growing at 3x the market average.

  • Customer retention rate: 98%

  • Partners: IFS has over 500 partners worldwide.

  • Number of employees: 6,000+

  • Number of countries with offices: 50+

  • Number of customers: 10,000+

  • 310 million passengers a year fly safely thanks to aircraft maintained by IFS

  • 200 billion packages a year are sustainably produced and distributed by the world’s leading manufacturers using IFS

  • 8 out of 10 of the US’s top energy companies use IFS to power the country

  • IFS used 100% renewable electricity across its operations in 2023

Financial and Operational Highlights for FY 2023, growth YoY:

  • FY2023 software revenue was EUR 853m, an increase of 33 percent versus 2022.

  • FY2023 recurring revenue was EUR 810m, an increase of 35 percent versus 2022.

  • FY2023 net revenue was EUR 1.062m, an increase of 30 percent versus 2022.

  • FY2023 annual recuring revenue (ARR) up 26 percent Year on Year.

Rating and Commentary

IFS is a market leader known for its strong product suite and consistent outperformance of competitors, leading to impressive growth rates. The company boasts an exceptional customer retention rate of 98% and maintains a global network of over 500 partners, highlighting its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Under the leadership of experienced professionals and industry experts, such as Darren Roos, who possesses over 20 years of experience, IFS demonstrates exceptional expertise and strategic decision-making abilities that effectively steer the company toward success. Furthermore, IFS’s solid structure, efficient processes, and skilled workforce contribute to its efficient operations. 

Supported by significant funding from multiple rounds and investments, including backing from prominent investors like EQT Partners, IFS has experienced exponential expansion. The Q1 FY2023 revenue growth validates its positive trajectory, while strong capital backing enhances the company’s financial stability and provides a solid foundation for future endeavors. With a substantial market size, IFS has ample opportunities for further growth and expansion. The company’s products are highly regarded for their quality, consistently meeting customer expectations, and driving satisfaction. Despite the presence of competitive threats, IFS’s strong market positioning, innovative approach, and commitment to customer-centric solutions mitigate risks and position the company favorably for continued success. 

IFS Video

Key Executives

Mark Moffat, CEO 

Mark is one of the sector’s most renowned and successful technology leaders recognized for delivering significant growth and developing high performance teams. 

A natural leader, he has a wealth of experience working with customers across multiple sectors in a series of large multinational organizations. Customers value Mark’s innovative and visionary mindset helping companies of varying levels of maturity to achieve their vision and generate real results, recognizing him for his passion, empathy, and care. 

Mark is an energetic leader who listens and is not afraid of transformation and change. He is obsessed with delivering high quality outcomes for customers and IFS. He has created a strong sense of followship amongst the IFS team of 6000+ employees he is responsible for and is passionate about nurturing and empowering diverse and strong talent. 

Dr. Matthias Heiden, Chief Financial Officer 

Matthias is responsible for leading the finance organization and for ensuring the financial and related administrative functions are supporting the company’s growth strategy and create value for all parts of the business.  

Previous positions included Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Software AG and at SAF-HOLLAND Group where he was also a member of the Management Board. Heiden also held several senior leadership positions at SAP including Regional CFO for the ME&E region.   

Matthias has built his career in technology by demonstrating strong leadership skills and delivering measurable value to the business. His success has been centered on transforming financial organizations and providing strategic insights to the business. He played a central role in shifting SAP and Software AG to their respective subscription business models.   

Matthias Heiden is a member of the Executive Board and Treasurer of the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Stockholm, and Member of the Advisory Board of the IHB, Düsseldorf. 

Kate Bishop, Chief Human Resources Officer 

Kate Bishop is the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and EVP, Facilities, Sri Lanka & India Operations at IFS. She ensures that all aspects of the HR strategy are future-focused and support the strategic direction of the company, specifically in relation to employees’ lifecycle from onboarding to talent development and succession planning, organizational change management, and shaping the vision for diversity and inclusion. 

In her role, Kate has been instrumental in diversifying IFS’ talent pool and nurturing a culture where every individual’s unique perspective is valued. She has spearheaded initiatives in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) and STEM, which have strengthened the company and positioned it for future success. 

Kate also oversees the Facilities function, which manages the infrastructure and operations of IFS offices around the world. She is responsible for ensuring a safe, comfortable, and productive work environment for all employees, as well as optimizing the utilization of resources and reducing environmental impact. 

Additionally, Kate leads the Sri Lanka & India Operations at IFS, she works closely with the local management teams to align the business objectives, growth plans, and cultural values of these regions with the global vision and strategy of IFS. 

Cathie Hall, Chief Customer Officer 

Cathie Hall is the Chief Customer Officer at IFS, where she leads all aspects of our customer facing services organization, providing consulting, success, cloud, and support services which enable customer transformations. 

Cathie brings her passion for the customer from her previous role as Senior Vice President Experience at IFS. Her Total Experience Vision to enable all IFS customers to have a frictionless journey to value realization transformed IFS to be focused on what matters most to customers, helping to spur its global growth.    

Cathie is fearless in her challenge of the status quo and is driven to productize and automate the customer experience from sales to delivery and adoption. She led the thinking and execution on the role of AI to deliver an industry revolution in how customers take on large digital transformations.  

Christian Pedersen, Chief Product Officer 

Responsible for its entire research and development (R&D) organization and product portfolio, he ensures that IFS designs and builds the industry-leading functionality that customers need, partners can proudly promote, and competitors cannot match. 

With a rich history in the field, Christian knows the market, how to discover what customers desire and how to respond: from need to application, he puts service and business value at the fore. 

His track record backs this up, with time spent as SAP’s Global Chief Product Officer as well as 14 years in other key positions with Microsoft and as General Manager of Enterprise ERP. 

Simon Niesler, Chief Revenue Officer 

Simon’s focus is to support IFS’s growth objectives through the development and execution of IFS’s Go to Market strategy in our direct and indirect sales teams and revenue supporting functions.  

As part of this mandate, ensuring a frictionless customer experience throughout our customer engagements is a key focus for him. 

Prior to this position, Simon held the role of Chief Revenue Officer for the Service Management Business Unit, where he spearheaded a cross-functional transformation program that led to significant growth during his tenure. 

Belinda Finch, Chief Digital & Information Officer  

Belinda’s focus is on IFS’s growth, ensuring the IT infrastructure functions efficiently and innovatively within the organization. As part of the executive leadership team, she is responsible for overseeing both the continuation of IFS’s digital transformation and the adoption of AI across the entire organization, driving productivity and efficiency to impact the customer experience. 

Prior to this position, Belinda was Chief Information Officer at Three, with previous executive experience at Centrica Group PLC and as Transformation and Digital Director at Vodafone. 

Belinda has built her career in the technology industry over 15 years, demonstrating strong leadership skills and advocating strongly for the development of women in STEM. 

 Sophie Graham, Chief Sustainability Officer 

Sophie’s focus is to support and oversee the successful delivery of IFS’s sustainability strategy, working with the Executive Leadership Team to scale at pace across its global operations. 

As part of her role, Sophie will drive IFS’s prioritization of sustainability based on three pillars of operational excellence, supporting customers and wider community impact. 

Sophie brings 12 years of experience as a sustainability practitioner and a passionate sustainability advocate. She is passionate about the potential that the technology sector has to drive change across different industries, providing the ‘how’ roadmap in the transition to a low-carbon, more sustainable future. 

Max Roberts, Chief Operating Officer 

Max’s focus is to support IFS’s growth objectives through the development of longer-term strategic products and service portfolios, as well as forging strategic alliances and partnerships for the company. Max will work closely with the executive leadership teams to ensure consistent performance and to solidify the company’s growth trajectory.   

As part of this role, Max will be responsible for driving innovation that not only meets customer needs but also anticipates and responds to market demands while delivering sustained revenue and margin growth. 

Oliver Pilgerstorfer, Chief Marketing Officer 

As CMO, Oliver is responsible for IFS’s global marketing and communications activities. With his team, he is on a mission to increase the company’s visibility, as well as attract and retain a loyal IFS following. Oliver’s experience spans founding and growing start-ups, through to leadership roles at several global technology companies; he also holds an MBA from London Business School. 

Organizational Insights

IFS fosters an inclusive and collaborative organizational culture that values adaptability, dependability, and collaboration. The company emphasizes teamwork and encourages employees to share ideas and work together towards common goals. With a global workforce spread across 80 countries, IFS promotes diversity and strives to create an environment that embraces different perspectives and cultures. They prioritize employee development and engagement, recognizing that their talented and motivated workforce is key to delivering value and exceptional customer service. 

IFS has an open and diverse culture that values collaboration, agility, and trustworthiness. The company empowers its employees to work closely with customers to deliver outstanding service, and values contributions towards making a real-world impact. Sustainability principles are a core component of the company’s operations, and employees can contribute to the company’s CSR initiatives and partnership with the IFS Foundation. According to employee reviews on Glassdoor, IFS is the best place to work in 2021, and employees are known to “lean in” where it matters.

Company Quotes 

“IFS people really lean in where it matters” 

“Using communication as a tool to keep IFS’s Global Customer Organization informed, motivated, and engaged, I nurture communication channels to enhance the ability to perform as one united team, especially when interacting with customers and the partner ecosystem. As a champion of IFS’s customer centricity, I develop thought leadership in partnership with the leadership team to drive external and internal communications that cut through the noise. The best thing about my job is that it gives me the opportunity to work with talented people all over the world who all lean in and drive one goal.” – Zoe Leach-Leeson, IFS Employee, Communications Officer, Global Customer Organization – United Kingdom 

“I help make air travel safer” 

“In my role as data migration/solution analyst, I make sure IFS’s airline customers’ business data is securely transitioned from legacy systems into IFS Maintenix while ensuring all airworthiness requirements are met. My goal is to ensure the success of our clients in tracking all of their maintenance needs and maximizing their business potential. Besides having the world’s best colleagues and customers, the thing I like best about my job is that my work has a direct impact on making air travel safer.” – Taha Zaidi, IFS Employee, Senior Data Migration/Solution Analyst – Canada 

Board Members

Darren Roos, Chair of the Board 

Darren Roos is now the Chair of the Board and still maintains a key focus on driving growth at IFS.  

Darren Roos is a proven technology leader with a track record for transforming and rapidly scaling global software businesses. Having held CEO and President positions at some of the world’s most respected technology businesses, he is now Chairman for IFS, ThinkProject, and Sitecore.  

Prior to his non-executive Board roles, Roos was CEO for IFS where under his tenure, the company tripled its revenues and transformed into a true Cloud business. Darren previously served as President of SAP’s global ERP Cloud business. With a passion for making an impact and giving back, Roos founded Innerwings.org – a charity focused on helping girls build confidence and leadership skills.

Michael Ouissi, Group Chief Operating Officer at IGT1 

Michael Ouissi is Group COO for IGT1, the holding entity of IFS and WorkWave and a board member at Thinkproject bringing market and commercial expertise. 

In his IGT1 role Michael leads the organizational unit focused on the growth of our acquired companies and the IFS M&A strategies. Under his leadership, the team will enable IFS to scale and grow at pace, while simultaneously driving success in our core business. 

Previously IFS COO, Michael held a global role that brought together all of the company’s customer-facing functions in order to deliver to each customer a globally harmonized and superior customer experience from first contact to creating value from their investment in IFS. 

Michael is a passionate advocate for customer centricity being the most important differentiator in today’s digital world. Focusing on supporting customers with effective solutions rather than specific products, he is also a believer in change and has built a reputation for enabling customers to use technology to create competitive differentiators and operational efficiencies. 

Sal Laher, Chief Digital & Information Officer at IGT1 

As Chief Digital & Information Officer at IGT1 the holding entity of IFS and WorkWave, Sal leads the IFS M&A integration planning as well as ensuring the ongoing digital and technology transformation that will support and enable the growth of the acquired companies. 

Previously Chief Digital and Information Officer (CDIO) at IFS, where he led the talented team that drove all information technology, as well as the continued digitization and transformation of IFS. In mid-2019 he was given additional accountability for IFS Facilities and IFS Procurement globally. 

He has successfully overseen the largest technology transformation program successfully in the Company’s history – the move to IFS own enterprise ERP software platform, IFS Applications 10, along with major other components like a single new Intranet; Payroll standardised on a single platform; and many other solutions in the cloud that addresses the end-to-end processes of IFS. 

Constance Minc, Group Chief Financial Officer at IGT1 

As Chief Financial Officer IGT1, the holding entity of IFS and WorkWave, Constance leads financial strategies across both companies, optimizing shareholder interests and securing future capital events’ success. Minc is also a board member at Thinkproject where she takes on the responsibility of the Chair of the Audit Committee. 

Minc turns data into results: and she is not afraid to empower employees to become part of the process. Using analysis and insight, she ensures people have the resources they need to succeed and that they understand how their goals contribute to growth. Processes are efficient and fine-tuned to deliver efficiency. 

In her previous role as IFS, Chief Financial Officer, Constance restructured the finance function into a single operating model to become a true partner to all IFS functions. A critical element of this role was integrating the human proficiencies of people and project management with finely tuned technical aptitude. With a belief in transparency across administrative and financial operations, she generates value and stimulates the kind of harmony that stimulates efficiency. 


IFS has raised a total of €3 billion through three funding rounds. Their most recent funding was raised through a secondary market round on March 30, 2022. The IFS is backed by four investors. Hg and TA Associates participated in the secondary market funding round. EQT and Zobito Participate in Private Equity Round. IFS has acquired fourteen companies. Ultimo Software Solutions was their most recent acquisition on July 5, 2022. 

Some of the Investors for the company are: 

  • QT Partners: EQT Partners is a global investment firm that focuses on investing in companies with significant growth potential. With expertise in the technology sector, EQT Partners may have been attracted to IFS’s software solutions and its potential for expansion in the enterprise software market. 

  • TA Associates: TA Associates is a leading global private equity firm that invests in growth-oriented companies across various sectors. Their investment in IFS may reflect their confidence in the company’s growth prospects, market position, and potential for generating strong returns. 

Key Milestones

  • In February, IFS marked the 25th anniversary of its operations in Sri Lanka.

  • In March, In the United States, IFS launched a collaboration with the Big Ten Conference, a pre-cursor to the strategic partnership launched in late 2023.

  • In May, IFS released it latest sustainability report, a detailed account of IFS’s approach, priorities, targets, and initiatives across environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics.

  • In May, IFS launched the first of its twice-yearly IFS Cloud releases in 2023, with updates enabling customers to enhance business agility and build resilience.

  • In May, June and October, IFS held 9 global IFS Connect events with over 3,000 local prospects, customers, and partners in attendance.

  • In June, IFS acquired Poka, the market-leading Quebec-based provider of a connected worker platform.

  • In October IFS added extra capabilities to https://www.ifs.com/ifs-ai.

  • In November, IFS launched the second of its twice-yearly IFS Cloud releases.

  • IFS began several landmark brand partnerships, including a strategic partnership with AJ Foyt in June and was named the first-ever official technology partner of the Big Ten Conference in October.

  • Throughout 2023 IFS appointed several key executives across its global operations, including Matthias Heiden as CFO, Belinda Finch as CIO, Max Robberts as COO.

Additional highlights: 

  • IFS added 243 new logos globally and across its core industries, including Mattr, NOTE AB, Havfram, Tele2 AB, Van Oord, TÜV NORD, Stannah Lifts, Enercare, My Dentist, and City of Tallahassee.

  • The IFS partner Ecosystem delivered some equally strong results with a 10% growth YoY in partner contribution to 41%. The impact was seen in our Net New business as well as in pipeline growth and the number of deals closed by partners with North America and APJ, ME&A regions leading across multiple KPI’s.

  • IFS is also extending its partnerships with Global System Integrators with a particular focus on strategic markets: Accenture for Utilities & Resources, Telco, Arcwide for Manufacturing, Services, Construction & Engineering, Capgemini for Construction & Engineering, Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities & Resources, and PwC for Energy, Utilities & Resources, Construction & Engineering

IFS extended its leader status in several core areas: 

  • IFS named a 2024 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice in the Voice of the Customer for Cloud ERP for product-centric enterprises 

  • IFS is recognized by Ecovadis and awarded a Silver Medal, November 2023 

  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Field Service Management Solutions, 2023-2024 – IFS a Leader 

  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Service Life-Cycle Management Platforms 2023–2024 – IFS a Leader 

  • Gartner Voice of the Customer for Cloud ERP for Product-Centric Enterprises – IFS a Customers’ Choice 

  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Field Service Management Solutions for Utilities, 2023-2024 – IFS a Leader 

  • IDC MarketScape:  Worldwide Service Parts Planning Applications, 2023 – IFS a Leader 

  • Nucleus Research Enterprise ERP Value Matrix – IFS a Leader   

IFS has collected the following awards: 

  • Business Intelligence Awards: Sustainability Winner, March 2023. 

  • Business Intelligence Awards: Artificial Intelligence Award Winner, March 2023. 

  • HotTopics 100 CMOs: Oliver Pilgerstorfer, March 2023. 

  • Eventex Conference Award: Unleashed, May 2023. 

  • Eventex B2B Event Winner: Unleashed, May 2023. 

  • The Software Report: Top Software Company 2023, August 2023. 

  • ERP Today Awards Outstanding Leadership: Mark Moffat, September 2023. 

  • Future Enterprise Awards: Best Cloud Enterprise Software, October 2023. 

  • ICT Leadership Awards: Enterprise Software Vendor of the Year, October 2023. 

  • Boomi’s 2023 EMEA Partner of the Year Award Winner, November 2023. 

  • Ecovadis: ESG/CSR Silver Medal, November 2023. 

  • Construction Computing Awards: Best Asset Management Software, November 2023. 

News and Press Releases

  • June, 2023: IFS Acquires Poka (Read)

  • May 2023: IFS named a Customers’ Choice in the 2023 Gartner Peer Insights (Read)

  • April, 2023: IFS continues on growth path with robust Q1 performance (Read)

  • March, 2023 Polish manufacturer KAN selects IFS to support global expansion (Read)

  • February, 2023: IFS marks 25th anniversary of the inception of its operations in Sri Lanka (Read)

  • January 25, 2023: IFS added more than 250 new logos for its core industries (Read)

  • January 30, 2024: IFS reports industry leading results with 33% software revenue growth for 2023 (Read) 

  • January 17, 2024: IFS becomes a Patron of MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) (Read) 

  • January 9, 2024: Mark Moffat Appointed as CEO of IFS (Read) 

  • November 2, 2023: IFS Named First-Ever Official Technology Partner of Big Ten Conference (Read) 

  • November 30, 2023: IFS Cloud November Release reinforces AI capabilities across automation and optimization with IFS.ai (Read) 

  • October 31, 2023: IFS delivers strong Q3 2023 results thanks to increased demand for AI (Read) 

  • October 4, 2023: Maritime giant chooses IFS to drive digital transformation and operational efficiency (Read) 

  • September 14, 2023: US water treatment leader chooses IFS to drive efficiencies from depot to the doorstep (Read) 

  • July 25, 2023: IFS delivers 38% YoY revenue growth with sharp rise in demand for its AI capabilities (Read) 



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IBM is an American multinational technology company that provides hardware, software, and consulting services. The company’s enterprise software offerings include IBM Watson, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help businesses automate and optimize their operations.


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AVEVA is a British multinational information technology company that provides engineering and industrial software solutions for the oil and gas, power, and marine industries. The company’s products include AVEVA System Platform, which provides a unified view of industrial operations, and AVEVA E3D, which is 3D design software for the engineering and construction industries.

Corporate Responsibility

At IFS, sustainability is based on creating long-term value for both the business and its stakeholders. It is guided by a sustainability strategy framed around three pillars: excellence in our own business; supporting our customers; and making a broader impact. The ESG Steer Co, headed by IFS’ Chief Sustainability Officer, oversees the strategy’s implementation, and ensures this is embedded across business functions.  

Excellence in our own business  

IFS is committed to acting responsibly in its operations, including minimising its environmental footprint, engaging suppliers on sustainability, treating employees fairly and building a diverse, inclusive, and equitable work environment. IFS decarbonization strategy focuses on reduction of emissions, replacement of energy used with greener alternatives, and engaging the value chain on decarbonization. IFS has a near-term 2030 emissions reduction target validated by the Science-Based Target institute and purchases 100% renewable electricity across its global sites. Additionally, measures have been taken to increase the number of female managers and LGBTQ+ support by employee resource groups, encouraging a more diverse & inclusive workforce. Moreover, IFS takes an active role in its commitment towards upholding human rights and anti-corruption via its universal Code of Conduct, aligned to international human rights standards. IFS is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and has identified the UN Sustainable Development Goals to which its activities contribute.  

Supporting our customers 

A core part of our strategy is supporting customers to achieve their sustainability goals. With IFS Cloud, our distinct positioning enables us to effectively navigate the sustainability landscape. Our open architecture and comprehensive portfolio of solutions provide the foundation to assist customers in seamlessly incorporating sustainability into their business strategies. Through driving efficiencies and optimization of core activities, 38% of the benefits of IFS Cloud are linked to sustainability.  Sustainability can never be stand alone, it must be embedded in an organizational business strategy and day-to-day operations. Sustainability embedded ERP solutions are being utilized in supporting customers’ business processes including transport and supply chain initiatives. IFS recognises customers which excel in their sustainability practices through use of technology in its annual Change for Good awards.  

Having a broader impact 

Community investment at IFS involves actively supporting local and global initiatives through corporate social responsibility programs. Initiatives include: 

  • The IFS Foundation, the charity partner of choice and focus of fundraising across IFS. The Foundation comprises of an independent network of charities engaged in efforts to alleviate poverty in rural Sri Lanka. 

  • IFS Education Program. This initiative encourages youth to pursue STEM education and facilitates pathways in the technology sector through initiatives such as mentoring programs and university collaborations.  

  • Volunteering. All employees at IFS are provided with one paid CSR day per year to support causes of their choice. This not only provides flexibility for the employee but provides them with an opportunity to become directly involved in the sustainability agenda.