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Founded in 1983, IFS develops and delivers enterprise software for companies around the world that manufacture and distribute goods, build and maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations, and the firm serves many notable customers such as Carlsberg, Panasonic, and the US Navy. IFS focuses on five key verticals including aerospace and defense, energy, manufacturing engineering, and services. Within its single platform, IFS’ industry-specific products are innately connected to a single data model and use embedded digital innovation.

The industry expertise of IFS’ employees and growing ecosystem, together with a commitment to deliver value at every single step, has made IFS a recognized leader and the most recommended supplier in its sector. Every day, its team of 4,000 employees serves their more than 10,000 customers.

In January 2021 IFS acquired Axios Systems PLC, a global provider of cloud-based Enterprise Service Management (ESM) software. The acquisition of Axios Systems adds further depth to IFS’ capabilities with respect to design and automation of workflows, internal efficiency, and data connection across teams and systems. In the 2020 fiscal year the company reported a 26% increase in software revenue, a 60% increase in cloud revenue, and a 43% increase in recurring revenue YoY.

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Key Products

IFS is a leading Global Cloud Enterprise applications provider focused on ESM, ERP and EAM in 6 priority industries: 

IFS’ entire organisation and mission are centred around delivering great customer experience and value. IFS has built both product, industry and subject matter expertise over the last 20+ years by working with companies across the globe, advising and helping them evolve their business to better equip them to respond to market dynamics and disruptions. 

IFS’ recent launch of IFS Cloud is rewriting how companies can deploy – on prem or in the Cloud, adopt – modular and composable and extend – with low code no code APIs – enterprise software. 

IFS Cloud is helping companies evolve their business models around servitization at their own pace: simplifying digital transformation into a clear path, its modular architecture means any company can start where it matters most: HR, Finance, manufacturing operations, supply chain, field and IT services and more and expand the footprint as needed. 

With AI, IoT, ML embedded natively into IFS Cloud, companies can consume digital capabilities from the outset. Digital Twins ensure performance is supported by the latest technology and insights and analytics are guiding decision making. 

To complement the value of IFS Cloud, our Customer Services organisation is providing a set of tools and services that will quantify business value upfront and create a customer specific roadmap where the value delivered is measured against the business case. IFS’ Select  & Success Services have been shaped by our customer base through IFS’ voice of the customer (VOC ) program using the recently acquired Design Driven Feedback solution Customerville

With the Launch of the Moment of Service in February 2021, IFS is publicly committing to putting the customer first, our ranking as Leader in the Gartner Peer Insights report is evidence this is working.

Key Executives

Marne Martin, President IFS Service Management

Marne Martin is the President Service Management at IFS. Previously, she was the CEO of WorkWave, which provides comprehensive field service management solutions. She was recruited to the CEO position in 2018 bringing with her deep expertise in field service management and leading organizations. Previously, she was the CEO of ServicePower, which she restructured as a public company and for which she proceeded to improve operations. She then led the company through a take private and doubled bookings growth thus accelerating SaaS recognized revenue.

In the early 2000s, Marne helped lead a venture capital / private equity firm, where her primary responsibility was serving as President and Board Member of Digicel Holdings, a mobile telecommunications firm. Marne earned a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and an MBA from Purdue University.

Dan Matthews – Chief Technology Officer

Darren Roos – Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Responsibility

Recognising the importance of sustainability and the collective role IFS plays in saving the planet, IFS launched its multi-year sustainability initiative in April, 2021. This outlines IFS’s commitment to diversity and inclusion reducing its carbon footprint, encouraging its employees to give back to their communities with a free CSR volunteer day and fundraising for the IFS Foundation. IFS will be introducing a series of online learnings to educate its employees on the importance of this subject and IFS has plans in place to expand our current education program, partnering with universities around the world. 

IFS appointed Lewis Pugh as our Sustainability Ambassador. Lewis is the UN Patron of the Oceans and will influence our sustainability plan, as well as engage with the IFS ecosystem to challenge and celebrate sustainability best practice. IFS wants to recognize its customers too, and the company launched the IFS Change for Good Sustainability Awards to recognize sustainability excellence within its customer community, at both a business and individual level.

In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, IFS has identified several areas where it will increase its focus for greater impact by outlining a multi-year sustainability Strategy in April 2021.

  • Education – the IFS Education Program already works with nearing 80 universities and higher education institutions globally. IFS plans to expand the program to 150 institutions globally.

  • Carbon emissions – in a program started in 2019, IFS committed to reducing its carbon footprint in part through consolidating its real-estate and improving the green credentials of its properties. From mid-2019 to date, IFS has reduced the square meterage of its global real estate by 9.5 percent, shrunk its car fleet by 86 percent versus 2019 and is committing to reach carbon neutrality by 2025.

  • Philanthropy – IFS champions and partners with the IFS Foundation to alleviate poverty and other social ills in Sri Lankan rural villages.

  • Governance – IFS has always maintained policies on Human Rights and Anti-Slavery and will further ensure that this is not only in line with UN criteria and reporting and but also pervasively included in the education of its employees.

  • Developing an Impact Mindset: IFS is looking for ways to further accelerate its employee awareness of and contribution to the sustainability agenda. We will be introducing a framework to trigger people’s mindsets and to guide engagement. 

    • Volunteering – all employees are given the opportunity to invest one workday a year to support a charitable cause of their choice. 

    • Employees – IFS has set the bar high against peers in the industry in terms of diversity in employee mix sets. For example, women make up 34 percent of the business, above the industry average for tech

      • IFS will continue to drive grass-roots programs such as the IFS Education Program to foster diversity across the industry

      • The health and wellbeing of employees remains top of mind, with a new program being launched for employees across the world and measured by twice annual employee surveys

Customer Insights

‘The IFS platform will manage our service operations and also serve as a central repository for our inventory visibility and IoT data. Having a single view of our assets, whether fielded at customer sites or located in our repair shops and warehouses, is hugely beneficial.’ – Per Ahlmann Andersen, Global Business Solutions Senior Director at Carlsberg

‘As a result of the new system, our success rate has increased by 30-40% due to the automation which enables our agents to spend more time with employees and candidates.’ – Simon Barber, Operations Manager, Contact Center, Babcock

‘Our consistent global growth has been strongly supported by the cooperation we have had with IFS. having now also recently chosen the IFS CRM solution, we look forward to streamlining our operations even further.’ – Trond Aune, ERP Manager, Jotun

‘The new systemized approach is saving us hours every day. IFS has definitely allowed our users to accomplish more in less time.’ – David Anderson, Head of Office Projects & IT, Pukka Herbs

Company Insights

“IFS people really lean in where it matters”

“Using communication as a tool to keep IFS’s Global Customer Organization informed, motivated and engaged, I nurture communication channels to enhance the ability to perform as one united team, especially when interacting with customers and the partner ecosystem. As a champion of IFS’s customer centricity, I develop thought leadership in partnership with the leadership team to drive external and internal communications that cut through the noise. The best things about my job is that it gives me the opportunity to work with talented people all over the world who all lean in and drive one goal.” – Zoe Leach-Leeson, IFS Employee, Communications Officer, Global Customer Organization – United Kingdom

“I help make air travel safer” 

“In my role as data migration/solution analyst, I make sure IFS’s airline customers’ business data is securely transitioned from legacy systems into IFS Maintenix while ensure all airworthiness requirements are met. My goal is to ensure the success of our clients in tracking all of their maintenance needs and maximizing their business potential. Besides having the world’s best colleagues and customers, the thing I like best about my job is that my work has a direct impact on making air travel safer.” – Taha Zaidi, IFS Employee, Senior Data Migration/Solution Analyst – Canada